Stop the Cycle of Negativity in Your Life

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We live in a world full of negativity. It seems like no one has anything nice to say or people are complaining about everything that comes their way. They are stuck in thankless lives of their own making. These people go out of their way to find problems no matter what solutions are presented to them. We all get caught up in this and it is often referred to as a negativity loop. It is a bad habit that we develop.

Recognize the Negativity

Do you find nothing but fault with the world around you? You are stuck. A negativity loop can ruin your life. It’s time to reverse it to positivity. This will take some effort to accomplish. However, if you don’t break the cycle, you will continue to be unhappy. This should be the first question you ask yourself, i.e., are you happy? If the answer is no, try to figure out the reasons why. If you are excessively negative, that should be the first place to look. People don’t like to fault themselves and will always look to everyone else as being the ones with the problems. However, if you look deeper within yourself, you may find it is you that is causing the problems.

Look for the Positive

Try to find the good in people. Everyone has good qualities and by focusing more on those rather than faults, you can start to turn around your attitude towards life. Start with your family. If you are cross with your spouse or kids, talk to them about the reasons why. If it’s ongoing, they may tell you it has to do with something you are doing (or not doing). It could be you aren’t spending enough time with them. Think about the last time you attended a soccer game or other event for your kids. How about your spouse? Have you gone out to dinner lately?

Are You the Problem?

If you are having issues at work as well, you need to get to the bottom of those reasons. If you are upset with several of your co-workers, this could be another sign that you are the problem. This is not to say others aren’t doing what they should. It’s just that you need to take a closer look to make sure you aren’t causing more stress in the work environment. If you are and it is not justified, it could lead to disciplinary action and even dismissal. If nothing else, you will be one of the first to be on the list during cutbacks.

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