Using Appreciation to Turn Bitter into Better

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If you could help others find appreciation for all the small aspects of life, you make life better for everyone associated with you. People can forget that life has a lot to offer. They become bitter over time. It happens to a lot of people, and they become a drag to be with for any length of time.

It Starts with You

You need to set an example for these people. If you aren’t grateful for what you have, it will be difficult to show others how to do the same. You don’t have to go overboard, but frequently mention how you enjoy your life and give reasons why. Relate experiences about your weekend to your colleagues, and explain why you felt appreciative of those experiences.

Stay as positive as you can, even if the bitter people are negative. That is not easy as negative people can sour the moods of the people around them. But, by keeping a positive outlook, they will have a difficult time justifying their negative behavior.

Lend a Shoulder…. Or an Ear

Sometimes, bitter people just need to talk to someone. They haven’t been able to get their problems off their chest. These problems often build, which is why they become bitter. They feel as though no one is listening and no one cares about them. It’s not necessary to advise people, and this can be the wrong tactic to use. Simply let the people talk. It will make a world of difference.

Out of the Shell

Invite them to events after work. It may take some time before they say yes to your invitations. Bitter people often become reclusive. Keep inviting them, and eventually, you may break down their barriers. Don’t pressure them. That will make them more reclusive.

Try to learn what activities they like. Get them talking about hobbies, sports, etc. Even if they aren’t active in these events, ask about past experiences. When they start talking it may reignite a spark. That can be a great starting point in helping them get through their issues.

Don’t Give Up

Some people will never break down their barriers, and that is unfortunate. They have stopped living their lives, and they don’t appreciate any aspect of it. However, attempting to help them through their situations can bring around some people. Even if you can change one person’s life for the better, you are doing something good. They will also become more pleasant to be around with other people. They may get to the point where they will help others who have lost their way.

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