Kewpie Mayo

I am a huge Kewpie mayo fan. Regular mayo, not so much. But give me a squishy soft red-capped bottle of the good stuff and I’ll be squeezing it on everything.

Kewpie mayonnaise is my number one condiment of choice. I love it with fries, I love it on sandwiches, I love it as a dip, I just LOVE it. If you’ve never had Kewpie mayo or you have heard of it but haven’t tried it, you need to. It will change your life, I’m not even kidding.

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What is Kewpie mayo

Kewpie mayonnaise is Japan’s favorite mayonnaise and salad dressing brand. Invented in 1924, it’s pretty much ubiquitous in every Japanese kitchen. It’s rich, yet light, and incredibly delicious. Kewpie mayonnaise is so beloved in Japan that they even have specialty Kewpie mayo cafes to celebrate all things Kewpie. There’s even a Kewpie mayo terrace slash museum where you can learn all about Kewpie, get samples, and make your own!

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Iconic Japanese dishes with Kewpie mayonnaise

Kewpie are deeply ingrained in Japanese cuisine, where it’s used as a dipping sauce, seasoning, and topping. It’s one of their favorite condiments and an essential in any Japanese kitchen, right along side soy sauce, dashi, mirin, and sake. It’s beloved for a reason – it tastes amazing!

Thankfully you don’t have to go to Japan to experience the magic of Kewpie. You can find it, in its signature squeeze bottle with a red flip top at most grocery stores these days, in the Asian aisle. The mayo itself is a bit more golden that your standard mayo and much more creamy and luxurious. Kewpie mayo uses just egg yolks – as opposed to regular mayo which uses whole eggs – and rice or apple cider vinegar for a hint of sweetness. It’s absolutely addictive and we always have a bottle in the fridge. It’s the not-so-secret ingredient to ALL delicious things.

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What is the difference between Kewpie and regular mayo

Mayonnaise is an emulsion of oil, egg, and an acid. Regular mayonnaise uses whole eggs and white vinegar whereas Kewpie uses only egg yolks and rice or apple cider vinegar. The result is an extra rich and thick texture with a bit more sweetness and tang. If you don’t like mayo give Kewpie a try, it will surprise you how different they taste.

What does Kewpie taste like

Kewpie mayonnaise is tangier, sweeter, thicker, and creamier than regular mayonnaise. It has a huge amount of umami.

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Where to buy Kewpie mayo

You can find Kewpie mayonnaise at most grocery stores in the Asian aisle. If your grocery store doesn’t carry it, you can find it at your local Asian grocery store or online. They even sell it at Costco sometimes.

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What can I sub for Kewpie mayo?

If you can’t get Kewpie mayonnaise you can grab another brand of Japanese mayonnaise, but the original and best is Kewpie brand. If you can’t get your hands on any Japanese mayo at all, you can make a substitution at home. Recipe below!

Kewpie mayo substitutes

If you can’t find Kewpie mayo but you absolutely need it in your life, you can sub regular mayo and add a bit of rice vinegar and sugar to make a Kewpie mayo substitute.

How to use Kewpie mayo

Kewpie mayonnaise comes in an incredible squeeze bottle with a red flip lid. It has a thin tip that is perfect for piping kawaii faces onto omelettes or making beautiful lines of mayo on okonomiyaki. If you unscrew the lid, there’s also a star tip that let’s you squeeze out blobs of mayo for those times when you need more, like when you’re making potato salad.

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What is Kewpie mayo good on?

It honestly tastes amazing with everything. You can use it as a dip for vegetable sticks or use it anywhere you would use ranch dressing. Kewpie mayonnaise and breadsticks? Yes please! Kewpie mayonnaise on pizza? Absolutely. It is great with all proteins and especially delicious when you dip chicken nuggets or tenders into it.

Japanese-style egg salad sandwiches! Do you love egg salad sandwiches but want a twist? Creamy kewpie mayo and jammy eggs makes this sandwich a winner. Just like the sandwiches you had on vacation in Japan but better ;) #sandwiches #eggsalad #japanese #japanesefood #recipes #recipeoftheday #eggs

Recipes to make with Kewpie mayonnaise

Here are some recipes that use Kewpie mayo to get your mayo-imagination up and running.

  • Mayo ramen – for an extra rich luxe restaurant style ramen
  • Ebi chili mayo – Deep fried tempura prawns with sweet and spicy Kewpie
  • Japanese Egg Sando (or this one)  – Japanese egg salads aren’t Japanese unless you use Kewpie. This is gonna be the best egg salad you’ll ever taste
  • Japanese potato salad – It just hits different. It’s the Kewpie!
  • Takoyaki – the classic takoyaki topped with Kewpie
  • Deviled eggs – eggs get an upgrade with Kewpie mayonnaise
  • Sushi bake – because it’s the creamiest, warmest, most satisfying casserole

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Kewpie mayo recipe

Make this easy hack version of classic Kewpie mayo if you’re in a bind, but it’s better to get the real thing

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Nutrition Facts

Kewpie mayo recipe

Amount Per Serving

Calories 93 Calories from Fat 90

% Daily Value*

Fat 10g15%

Saturated Fat 1.5g9%

Cholesterol 5mg2%

Sodium 90mg4%

Potassium 0.01mg0%

Carbohydrates 0.5g0%

Fiber 0.01g0%

Sugar 0.5g1%

Protein 0.01g0%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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