Bring Out the Bold With This Cruella-Inspired Home Decor!

Disney’s Cruella gives a clever backstory to the famous 101 Dalmatians villain, but it’s her wicked sense of fashion that has left fans talking! While much of the film bounces between her time working for London’s elite couture designer and scheming out of her shared, urban apartment, Cruella (Estella?) knows a thing or two about pushing boundaries and being one-of-a-kind. We were so inspired by her keen eye for design that we’ve rounded up some fabulous trends to help you get your bold on!

Black and White Checkered Flooring

Much of the storyline takes place at The Baroness’ home of Hellman Hall, a grand yet secluded mansion perched on the edge of an enormous cliff. With an impressive exterior, the interior certainly doesn’t disappoint either: the home’s grand entryway has an exquisite staircase leading to a grand black and white checkered floor.

If a checkered pattern isn’t your cup of tea — the Baroness has black and white tile flooring in her design room. A much simpler look, with the same elegant feel.

Extravagant Curtains

One of the first scenes at the Baroness mansion displays our first glimpse into the high society world of London fashion, where Cruella watches a stunning runway show in the grand entryway. Every room of the Baroness’ mansion is decorated with large, Victorian-esque curtains. Paired with a bold wall color and one-of-a-kind furniture, the curtains draw the eye and bring a perfect balance of over-the-top and understated accent pieces. Even if your home isn’t straight out of a period piece, these are quickly regaining their popularity in 21st-century homes — we even found this super affordable dupe so you can recreate the look in your own entryway!

Floral Arrangements

Whether scattered around in vases or trailing down the staircase — the Baroness ensured there were exquisite floral arrangements to match every event hosted at Hellman Hall. White and neutral-toned accents accompanied the first evening Cruella made her debut to the world in a head-turning red dress at the Baroness’ Black and White Ball (where, obviously, no color was allowed). The final event, the Baroness’ charity ball, was decorated with a more somber color palette. While the decor was an excellent mirror to the storyline, it can live off the screen, too!  To get the full Cruella-inspired effect, add large, budding roses to your entryway, staircase or home office. Pair with elegant, white vases and you’ll have a piece of historic home decor within your own home!

An Indoor Swing

Who says swings have to be limited to the backyard? As a young girl, Cruella swung around Hellman Hall on a pastel-colored swing with floral accents. Sure, this was a clever escape from The Baroness’ angry Dalmatians, but it got us thinking… why not put a swing in our homes, too? As it turns out, indoor swings are more popular than you’d think! And you’d certainly be the envy of your friends with this light-hearted touch of whimsy. To make it, all you need is a wooden plank, rope, some wall hooks and anchors to create this charming addition to your home!


Green Accents

Fashion and design both play huge roles in the film — while the Baroness prefers more traditional design styles, Cruella isn’t afraid to create designs that are colorful and daring. Each day before an event at Hellman Hall, the Baroness browses each designer’s ideas on the design floor (the same one with the simple, white and black flooring we’re in love with!).  While the design floor is intentionally simple, the staircase and balcony are painted a muted sage green, making it an undeniable focal point of the space. And greenery is all the rage in 2021, so there are endless possibilities to incorporate this color in your home. A green-painted kitchen or reading nook, perhaps? Or perhaps you’d like something less bold and opt for a green accent wall? Whatever you choose, green not only adds an easy, sleek design element, but creates a timeless decor theme that will never go out of style.


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