Transform Your Backyard With These 4 Easy DIY Projects!

Summer’s just around the corner, and you know what that means — outdoor entertaining! Whether you plan to host a small crowd or keep to yourself, outside in the fresh air is the place to be. But, if your backyard space is a bit more ho-hum than you’d like, we’ve got you covered. Our resident DIY expert, Brooke Cribbs from Cribbs Style, has four easy DIY projects to overhaul your outdoors!

A Backyard Bar

It’s fun, it’s portable, it holds your snacks, beverages, even your bug spray and sunscreen if you like — basically, it’s the perfect addition to any outdoor space! This backyard bar is one of our favorite easy DIY projects because it looks so much more complicated than it really is; honestly, the hardest part is deciding on the paint color or whether you want to add wheels to make your party a mobile one!

Another bonus? This budget-friendly outdoor bar costs less than $200 to make, and only takes an afternoon of your time. Easy, cost effective, customizable….what’s NOT to love???

Scrap Wood Lanterns

If you make the backyard bar, you might find yourself with some leftover pieces of wood. Don’t toss them in the trash — turn them into a scrap wood lantern! This easy DIY project will create the perfect ambiance in your backyard entertaining area. Battery-operated candles mean no messy wax drips, and just like the bar, you can customize it to your liking.

easy DIY projects

Skip the expensive store price tag and DIY your own lanterns for a simple project even little ones can get it on!

Upcycled Cooler Table

Here at, we’re not just chillin’ in the backyard with a plain cooler full of snacks or beverages. Oh, no. We’re out here with upcycled coolers that effortlessly blend into the rest of our outdoor decor by doubling as furniture. This easy DIY project is another stress-free one, too — the most difficult part of this DIY is finding the right size cooler to hide inside your furniture. Once that’s done, it’s smooooooth sailing to backyard bliss!

easy DIY projects

If you really want to wow your guests or loved ones, this next project will definitely leave an impression!

Landscaping Designs

Outdoor Movie Screen

You’ve set the stage with a mobile bar, some cozy lanterns, and a hidden snack compartment; all you’re missing is some entertainment! Next on the list of easy DIY projects? Enter the DIY outdoor movie screen! Perfect for taking a trip down memory lane with old home movies or streaming the latest and greatest shows or movies, it’s something for all ages to enjoy together.

easy DIY projects

In our opinion, this last DIY ties the whole project list together…so what are you waiting for???

Want More DIY Content?

There you have it folks, four easy DIY projects to spice up your outdoor space. If you’re looking for even more DIY projects, check out the blog! Have a project idea or tried your hand at one of these listed above? Let us know how it turned out in the comments!

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