The Best Homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

This Buffalo Chicken Pizza recipe combines the spicy flavors of classic buffalo chicken wings with the melty cheesiness of traditional pizza on top of an incredibly crispy crust. The slight spice of the sauce is offset by the creamy blue cheese — it’s heaven in a simple slice.

In our house, we embrace every type of pizza from grilled pizza and artichoke, sundried tomato, and chicken pizza to a funky grape, brie, and arugula twist on the traditional style. We’ve even made pizza soup and — get this — pizza pancakes! If you are self-proclaimed pizza connoisseurs (or just pizza lovers!) like us, you’re going to adore this delicious Buffalo chicken pizza.

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serving a slice of pizza

Why We Love Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Or wings? This is the perfect marriage of two snacking staples that you’re bound to love.

  • Quick and Easy Recipe: Since many of the ingredients are prepackaged, they are readily available, this is such a quick and easy recipe.
  • Versatility is the name of the game with this dish — you can make it for Friday pizza night for the family, Netflix night for munching all on your own, or you can bake up several of them for a game day party. 
  • Customize: From changing up the cheese to deciding on the spice level, you can customize this pizza recipe however you like. 
  • With protein, healthy fat, and some carbs, all you need to make this a balanced meal is some veggies. Add them on top, or serve them on the side.


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