The Benefits of Becoming a Seeing-Eye Dog Trainer

seeing eye dog trainer

Anything we can do such as eating, walking, talking, and seeing, is a blessing. When we recognize how grateful we should be for such basic things, we also come to recognize how others may not be so fortunate. Becoming a seeing-eye dog trainer is a great way to give back and express our gratitude for those things we may not think about every day.

Independence and Dignity

Training a seeing-eye dog is all about increasing independence and dignity for a blind person. The training, love, and support that you offer a seeing-eye dog trickles down to the blind person who receives that support dog. A seeing-eye dog offers the opportunity for a blind person to gain some much-needed independence. With increased independence, dignity also increases. Learning to lean on and trust a seeing-eye dog offers a blind person the ability to do things that they otherwise cannot.

Giving Back

When we recognize how fortunate we are and the blessings we take for granted are, we can step back and think about how we can give back. Giving back is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Some say it is sometimes more joyous to give than to receive. This is certainly true when it comes to becoming a seeing-eye dog trainer.

The benefits you offer to the blind in becoming a trainer are numerous. For starters, you are training up a pup that will one day become the sight of a visually impaired individual. That “sight” provides independence, a little more confidence, and dignity to someone who is visually impaired. With the aid of a seeing-eye dog, a visually impaired person can accomplish things that otherwise are impossible. Imagine how powerful that is to that individual. You become the source of power in another human being’s life.

You also become someone who makes a difference – a huge difference in someone else’s life. Making a difference is empowering. When you empower someone else, you also empower yourself. You will recognize that once you empower someone else and you become empowered, you will feel as though you’re unstoppable. Your life will never be the same and the lives you touch through volunteering will never be the same either.

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