The Benefits of a Diabetic Alert Dog

diabetic alert dog

Owning a pet, especially a dog, can bring numerous benefits. Research shows that dog owners reap the benefits of caring for their furry friend in many ways such as: a healthier heart, lower cholesterol, minimized depression, and increased social activities. While these benefits are all wonderful, the benefits of owning a diabetic alert dog are all that and more.

Medical Benefits

Diabetic dogs function differently than other dogs. Diabetic dogs are trained to utilize their sense of smell. These dogs have the ability to detect changes in the blood sugar levels of their owners. Peaks and valleys in those levels can wreak havoc on a diabetic’s organs. Being a diabetic means that you have to monitor your blood sugar consistently throughout the day. Having a diabetic alert dog means you have a constant companion right by your side, actually advocating for your health. These specially trained alert dogs recognize the chemical changes that occur in a diabetic, especially prior to becoming hypoglycemic. While a diabetic may do all that it takes to keep up with their daily regimen, there are moments in between that daily regimen that may put him or her into the danger zone.

Psychological Benefits

Can you imagine having an illness and also feeling that you are alone? When you are diabetic, much of the responsibility falls on your own shoulders. Sometimes the burden of having to constantly check and monitor your blood sugar can be overwhelming. Having a pet who offers you unconditional love along with medical support is a two-fold blessing. Diabetic alert dogs provide constant companionship by lying in bed next to you and walking alongside you throughout your day.

Many individuals can benefit from the medical and psychological, as well as emotional benefits of a diabetic alert dog.

  • College students
  • Young children
  • The elderly
  • Persons who live alone

The beauty in owning a diabetic alert dog is that the dog can alert its owner before the onset of a diabetic incident. That is priceless. Having a pet that loves you and protects your health also offers an emotional benefit. We all know that when we are ill and we are emotionally supported, chances are we will manage, maintain, and heal in other areas as well.