The Advantages of Living in the Suburbs That No One Talks About

City living is often romanticized — busy streets, walking around strangers, and living life with  a “hustle” mentality. But when it comes to living in cityside apartments with exceptional views, there are several hidden downsides that can make the experience less than glamorous. With the pandemic, we’ve seen more people flee cities than ever before, and they’re moving to suburbs to enjoy remote work perks, quality time with loved ones and a slower speed of living.

But of course, we all know the suburbs provide greater housing affordability, better school systems, several outdoor recreation options, etc. That being said, there are advantages of suburban living that often go overlooked, unnoticed, or even taken for granted. When you’re thinking of where to buy your next home, here are four advantages of suburban living that aren’t talked about enough!

More open sky

When you take a step back from the hustle and bustle of a city, wide open spaces greet you. The nature that accompanies the suburbs is something most city residents miss the most. Since there’s significantly less light pollution, every night is the perfect opportunity to go stargazing! And without being surrounded by tall buildings, you’ve got an envious view of morning sunrises and evening sunsets. Speaking of sunshine — an abundance of sunlight means the opportunity to grow gardens, fresh flowers and to soak up added vitamin D. There’s something about the air when there’s blue skies and sunshine… you just can’t replicate that in the city!

Great grocery options

Personally, I live in the suburbs myself, and one of the first things I noticed right away was the abundance of grocery options nearby! Living in a community means the area has to cater to different diet and lifestyle types — whether you live a plant-based, gluten-free or “anything goes” lifestyle, you’re guaranteed to find grocery options nearby to fit your needs. Or, you can be like me and have your “go-to” items at several grocery stores! When it comes to city living, you’ll find grocery options to be very different than out in the suburbs.

Promotes a healthy work/life balance

When you’re constantly surrounded by an environment that is always busy, it can be difficult to feel like you can shut down, recharge and take a breather at the end of the work day. That’s the beauty of a slower pace of life — finding a healthy work/life balance comes more naturally than in the city. Since suburbs are designed to be community-based, you’re positioned near local recreation centers, parks, gyms, sports fields and so much more — being slightly removed from a bigger city usually means you’re surrounded by everything you could possibly need. Having quick access to their community-building amenities gives endless recharge options after a busy work day, perfect for individual enjoyment or with the whole family.

Parking is never an issue

If you’re like me and have major anxiety while driving in cities, the suburbs may be worth looking into. Whether you find yourself in a neighborhood with single-family homes, or an apartment complex, it’s easier to park in suburban areas. Cities often provide garage, street or metered parking, and in some cases like New York City or Los Angeles, driving is a headache. The extra space in the suburbs makes for smooth driving and parking conditions — combined with an excellent road infrastructure, safe driving is a top suburban priority.

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