Sheet Pan Fajitas With Chicken

These incredibly easy Sheet Pan Fajitas bring together classic Mexican-style spices with juicy chicken and colorful bell pepper. Just add your favorite toppings and warm tortillas. Oven fajitas are quick to prep and a cinch to clean up!

If you’re looking for more chicken-based dishes full of flavor, you might like Chicken Tortilla Soup, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, or Mississippi Chicken. And if you’re looking for starters for your next soiree, you can try Buffalo Chicken Meatballs or Chicken Puffs.

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chicken fajita sheet pan with limes

Why We Love Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

What’s not to love about an easy single-sheet pan meal of slightly spicy chicken, peppers, and onions? The next time you’re looking for a simple but flavorful weeknight meal for taco Tuesday (or on busy weeknights), or a great way to feed a crowd, check out these sheet pan chicken fajitas.

  • Customizable – Oven-baked fajitas can be spicy or mild, folded into tortillas or used as a nacho topper, and are the perfect canvas for your creativity in terms of toppings. 
  • Easy – What makes pan fajitas such an easy meal to make is that there’s so little preparation involved — just mix all of the ingredients together and pop the pan in the oven. We might admit, though, that the best part (outside of eating them, of course) is the cleanup – since you’re baking the whole meal on one pan, washing dishes afterward is a cinch.
  • Versatile – Sheet pan chicken fajitas are as fun for a party as they are for weeknights. They’re also perfect for meal prep.


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