Seasonal Quiz: What’s the Best Time to Sell?

white and red wooden house miniature on brown table

As we up for the traditional peak selling season, the internet is again teeming with facts and figures about selling your home — when is the best time to list, when to close, etc. Of course, in the real world, any “best time to sell” isn’t calendar-based: it’s individual living situation-based.

Mostly just for fun, here is a quiz about the seasonal factor in selling a home, based on a very reliable source for residential housing facts: the NAR®:

What’s a leading reason given for why late winter/early spring is a good time to sell a home?
a. In colder climates, spring thaws allow lawns to become visible.
b. Tax refunds make more funds available for repairs and renovations.
c. Spring school breaks traditionally free families to visit open houses.

Why is the April/May/June period best for selling?
a. There is more competition.
b. It’s the best timing for summer moves that minimize school interruptions.
c. There is less competition.

From 2011-2019, in what month did sellers close for the highest percentage over market value?
a. April
b. June
c. May

Nationally, what are the busiest four months for closings (discounting last year’s disruptions)?
a. February, March, April, and May
b. May, June, July, and August
c. April, May, June, and July

For U.S. sellers, the year’s first above-average revenue results usually occur in what month?
a. April
b. March
c. May

In the U.S., the seasonality factor is most pronounced in what regions?
a. South and West
b. Midwest and Northeast
c. Northeast and South

Those questions and answers skirt a truism that home sellers might take to heart: the very best time to sell your home is when it’s ready for market—and when you’re prepared to move.

P.S. As you may have guessed, the answers are all (b.). Call a local real estate expert and get the ball rolling TODAY!