Tarek & Heather El Moussa’s First Flip Was a Flop

Tarek & Heather

We’ve had a few interesting posts about Tarek El Moussa hosuing flipping over the years.  They’re entertaining and, while it is on TV, they do contain some nuggets of reality from time to time.  A recent story on Realtor.com talks about how he and his new wife Heather (not Christina) have a new show called “The Flipping El Moussas.”   The reporter “cringe-watched” the first season which reveals how things don’t always go as planned with the 2,162-sq-ft., 4-bedroom, 3-bath mid-century modern house in Los Angeles  – which they paid $2.15 million for.  Interestingly, the final listing (after the rehab) shows it to actually be a three-bedroom home with 1,969-square-feet.   Indeed…

“…to their credit, this new show does not sugarcoat things and gives an unflinching look at how this maiden investment unfolds. Along the way, they (and we) learn a lot that will (hopefully) make future flips smoother sailing. Here’s what we learned as we cringe-watched our way through Tarek and Heather Rae’s first flip.

Click here to read the full story at Realtor.com.


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