Highlight The Best Features Of Your House For Prospective Buyers

Tips, Tricks and Why Using a REALTOR® is Best

When selling your home, there will be certain features that will interest buyers, and you’ll need to make sure those features are showcased.  If you’re not sure what features will most appeal to buyers, enlisting a REALTOR® will help focus on what’s most important, among the many other benefits that come from having proper representation when selling a house. 

You’ll want to start by ensuring that the listing is used to draw attention to those features. While an agent automatically knows what to put in the listing, you might not; another reason to align yourself with a professional.  Work with your REALTOR®, as a team, to showcase your home in a way that tells an enticing story.

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Location! Location! Location!

One example that is considered a special feature is where the home is located and what it’s located near. For example, some people may be interested in your community’s parks and local nature, so you’ll want to highlight that. Others are looking for homes that are close to other perks like shopping, the downtown area and so on.

Floor Space and Square Footage

You’ll want to highlight the amount of square footage that you have and do so in your home, through staging, in addition to mentions in the listing. That means removing as much furniture as you can, decluttering and offering a fresh perspective to your buyers while your home sells. Take out anything that takes up space on the floor, because then it makes your house look bigger and draws attention to the space.  When speaking of the space, one feature that buyers look for is the type of flooring or special features that a house has.  Most people prefer a hard flooring – like hardwood or tile – over carpeting; luxury vinyl planking is also a flooring trend that won’t break the bank, but has a luxe look.  If you have real hardwood flooring, you’ll certainly want to highlight that.

Upgrades and Outdoors

Anything that’s a nice upgrade or special about your home can also be a best feature. Examples are if you have a double oven in the kitchen, or a large pantry. Outdoor living spaces are a must among some buyers, especially now, as we spend more and more time at home. If you have a pool, you’ll want to mention that, especially if your climate allows for swimming outdoors during most of the year.  Speaking of outdoor space?  Feature things like decks and patios. If you have an outdoor kitchen, that is an added bonus to outdoor needs, as well. 

Don’t Forget!!!

One oft underappreciated feature that entices many, is a unique and spacious laundry room.  These appeal to home buyers, much like oversized garages, large outdoor finished work sheds and other daily used, but often forgotten features. Other features include things like good outdoor lighting and walkways. The possibilities are endless!

Final Thoughts…

There are so many options, that when you meet with a REALTOR® to sell your home, it’s important to bring their attention to anything you see as unique or important in the home, and allow for them to work their magic in marketing these features to buyers. Most importantly, however, is that any feature that you or your real estate agent highlight should be in top shape. If you have a feature in your home that needs to be spruced up or replaced, do it before you list your home. You want to put the home’s best foot forward so that the first impression is a good one; having exciting features for your buyers to enjoy without having to put the work in themselves, will certainly bolster your home’s value and ability to outshine competition in selling faster. 

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