Agents Become Leaders During Outbreak

Agent Leaders

The 2020 Coronavirus outbreak has most certainly presented the real estate industry with unique challenges. How do you thrive in a business that relies so heavily on person-to-person contact in a time when that activity can needs to be limited for the safety of all? How do agents become leaders during these unprecedented times? You get creative!

I have worked in the real estate industry for almost 20 years. In that time, I have consulted or worked with over 100 brokerages. The one thing that unites the successful companies is having agents that are leaders. These individuals change with the times and adjust how their business is conducted long before their less productive counterparts. Leaders embrace new technologies and techniques to stay ahead of the competition, but more importantly keep the best interests of their clients at the forefront of their priorities.

I am probably bias but the agents of Coldwell Banker Premier have demonstrated beyond any doubt that they ARE the leaders in the market. They have embraced novel ways of doing business and are jumping in to help each other and their fellow agents in the communities we serve. Here are just a few of the ways they are re-shaping real estate.

Virtual Showings and Open Houses

As social distancing becomes even more essential to personal safety, agents have been tasked to find better ways to market listings to clients. Thankfully, those who have learned technology as simple as FaceTime or even Facebook LIVE have risen quickly to the challenge. A cell phone is all you really need to bring the buyer to the listing. For each person that remains skeptical, there is another that is out there making it happen. Our very own Mercedes Prohaska is writing an offer after a simple FaceTime showing with her buyer.

Virtual open houses are just as simple. VA Regional Manager and National Trainer, Sheila Hall, was the first of our group to post a virtual open house. Within a week, the home had been viewed almost 300 times! Sheila simply walked the audience through the home and around the property and showcased various features that buyers might find useful. It was a safe and simple way to market the home. Mercedes and Sheila represent the types of leaders we need right now!

Keep Calm and Bring Value

Let’s face it. People are unsettled right now. We don’t know what each passing day will bring. However, leaders speak with a calm, confident voice. Their job is to reassure, reiterate, and reinforce the essential talking points. No one has exemplified that leadership role than CB Premier Founder and CEO, Steve DuBrueler. He has tirelessly provided confident direction and a calming demeanor to his executive team, agents, staff, and the general public. More importantly, he has brought value. His messages are delivered to bring maximum information that is pertinent to the audience. Steve is the type of leader that will bring his team through strongly and safely.

There is so much more that Coldwell Banker Premier agents are being leaders in the industry. Many other agents are taking up this mantle as well. If we are going to get through this quickly, we MUST all pull together. The real estate industry has a long tradition of cooperation. I have no doubt we will do what is right. Coldwell Banker Premier will be there Leading You Home!

Stephen Meadows

Stephen Meadows has been in the real estate industry since 2001 and has worked with hundreds of brokerages and thousands of agents all over the country. His passion for helping people succeed is apparent in all he does. Stephen has written 6 books and has published 15, 5 of which were Amazon Best Sellers.