Property Brothers, LeAnn Rimes Show Us a ‘Sexy’ Kitchen on ‘Celebrity IOU’


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We enjoyed last week’s episode of “Celebrity IOU” so much that we had to see what was in store for this week. To our delight, the latest installment was arguably more entertaining—and heartwarming—due in large part to the celebrity guest, the lovely LeAnn Rimes.

“Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott returned to help the singer and actress fix up the home of her very dear friend Roger, who’s been a guiding light in Rimes’ life. To show her gratitude for nearly 20 years of friendship, Rimes teamed up with the Scotts to turn Roger’s kitchen and deck space into an entertainer’s dream.

The team had two major design challenges: fixing the awkward kitchen layout and churning out a moody yet welcoming all-black kitchen. And while all-black kitchens have the potential to go very wrong, the Scott brothers and Rimes really nailed it. To hear how they pulled it off, click on the new episode of “House Party” above.

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