Pie Crust Cookies {VIDEO}

Pie Crust Cookies are the perfect solution to leftover pie dough! We are about to show you how easy it is to transform pie crust into flaky and delicious cookies for snacking, dipping, or decorating pies. One of the easiest cookie recipes you can make.

Pie crust cookies are a great excuse for making pumpkin pie, our favorite upside-down apple pecan pie, or apple butter pumpkin pie with its delicious combination of flavors and texture.

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pie crust cookies with dessert dip in a pumpkin bowl

Why We Love Pie Crust Cookies

Making pie crust cookies is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing little recipe everyone should have. You don’t even need to bother making a pie for this pie crust cookie recipe.

  • Festive little cookies are crisp, buttery and flaky perfection.
  • Just 4 simple ingredients.
  • Store-bought rolled pie crust makes this pie crust cookie recipe super easy!
  • Cookie presses and cookie cutters make these cinnamon and sugar pie crust cookies fun for any occasion.
  • Make a simple pie look like it’s from a bakery with leaf-shaped pie crust decorations.
  • No need to be fancy, skip the cookie cutters and just cut strips of pie dough they are equally as good as the pretty cookies.
  • These little pie crust cookie bites are fabulous with pumpkin fluff dip or on a fall charcuterie board.


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