Our Fave Celebrity Home Amenities — and How to Achieve Them Yourself!

Have you ever watched Vogue’s 73 Questions and thought, “I would do anything to have a home like this?” If so, we’re right there with you. With all these glimpses into the homes of our favorite A-listers, it seems the celebrity home amenities just get more and more lavish. But who says you have to be a celebrity to achieve similar features in your home, too? We’ve pulled together our favorite celebrity home amenities, and ideas for creating them in your own home without the hefty price tag!

Kylie Jenner’s unbelievable closet

No celebrity home amenities list would be complete without a member of the Kar-Jen clan! Ever dream of having an entire closet dedicated to just your purses? How about a walk-in closet with enough space for luxurious chairs and floor-length mirrors? When Kylie Jenner took the world on a tour of her purse closet back in 2018, it made us all want to run to our nearest decor shop to achieve the look ourselves.

Source: pagesix.com

Each bag is perfectly displayed on simple, white shelving in front of mirrored walls — which is actually a super easy look to recreate on your own! Here’s how:

  1. Invest in some closet organizers or standing organizers; we like Closet Maid’s options, because they allow you to customize your closet essentials to fit any budget, square footage and decor style you’re envisioning.
  2. Find some large mirrors! If you don’t have any, you can usually find some at your local thrift store for pennies. If that’s not an option, you can also use self-adhesive acrylic mirrors to mimic the look.
  3. Finally, you need some lighting to place underneath your shelves! Keep it simple by using strips of ribbon lights that peel and stick — no power tools or electricians required!

Martha Stewart’s epic farmhouse kitchen

In early 2020, Martha launched her new HGTV show, “Martha Knows Best,” and her standout kitchen has been one of our favorite celebrity home amenities ever since! Martha’s space is inspired by farmhouse living — a massive butcher block island, pots and pans hanging from the ceiling and shelving to display her most-used cookware.

Source: https://marthastewart.com

You don’t need an extensive budget to cultivate that same inviting atmosphere into your kitchen. Here’s how:

  1. Mount a pipe to your kitchen ceiling and grab some hooks to hang all your pots and pans on.
  2. Speaking of pots and pans, invest in some copper-toned cookware if you’re looking to emulate the rustic farmhouse look.
  3. Incorporate some large wall art, like clocks or kitchen signs, to tie the space together.
  4. No island? No problem — we found some cute, smaller display tables that can act as a functional dupe if you’re lacking space.

Rihanna’s private movie theater

Back in 2017, Rihanna purchased a home in the Hollywood Hills for $6 million, which included a quaint movie theater that’s perfect for entertaining and bingeing all the latest shows.

celebrity home amenities
Source: https://lonny.com

Unfortunately, we can’t all have celebrity home amenities like private movie theaters, but we can grab a projector and create our very own private viewing space inside or outside our homes! Here’s how:

  1. Grab a white sheet for a clean, easy backdrop.
  2. Purchase a wireless projector — quite possibly one of the easiest, must-have items to step-up your family entertaining!
  3. If you’d rather view outside, attach the sheet to your gutter with clips, or tie to tree branches (but make sure to weigh down the ends!). If weather isn’t friendly for backyard viewing, simply grab the sheet and projector and move your viewing party to an open space in the house!
  4. Find the fluffiest, most comfortable seating possible. Bean bag chairs, recliners, whatever suits your fancy!
  5. Ok, so this one’s optional…. but if you REALLY want to elevate the luxe factor, a popcorn machine would be the perfect final touch for your DIY at-home theater!

Mindy Kaling’s backyard entertaining setup

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to prepare for summertime barbecues, pool parties and get-togethers. And if there’s any among the celebrity home amenities that show how it’s done, it’s Mindy Kaling’s outdoor oasis!

celebrity home amenities
Source: https://instyle.com

Her poolside landscape has plenty of room and amenities for hosting; here’s how you can, too!

  1. DIY your own backyard bar. No, really! It’s super simple and will save you hundreds of dollars from buying it from a store (plus, make yours the go-to place for the best parties!).
  2. Get your furniture set up and snag all your pool-time essentials if you have one. We recommend AllModern, as it’s a one-stop shop to find furniture, patio decor and even fire pit necessities!
  3. If you don’t already have an outdoor speaker system set up, grab a portable one! This option from Bose packs a surprising amount of sound into a small unit, so you can keep the music flowing without sacrificing entertainment space.
  4. A bougie backyard wouldn’t be complete with lighting! String lights or tiki torches can provide enough light to enjoy company without overwhelming the atmosphere.

Lady Gaga’s bowling alley

Ok, ok….we know you might be thinking, “how is a bowling alley something I could put in my home?” But, if you’re looking for the perfect activity for friends or family, you can’t do much better!

celebrity home amenities
Source: https://houseandhome.com

Pottery Barn has one of the most fun bowling sets we’ve ever seen, and it’s ready out of the box to help you create a family game night staple that will be the envy among your neighbors! Ideally, it’s best for outdoor use; but, if weather isn’t cooperating, or you’ve got a basement corner to fill, all you need are some thin sheets of wood to lay down your “alley.” (We also suggest lining your wall with some pillows to soften the blow of all those strikes!)

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No matter your budget or style, the luxury of celebrity home amenities are way more achievable than you’d think! Looking for more ways to add a bit of luxury to your home decor style? Check out our Pinterest page to keep up on the latest trends to give your home a bit of A-lister inspo!

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