Need Eco-Friendly Home Inspo? These 4 Gems Are Swoon-Worthy!

Earth Day, held annually on April 22, is a time to spotlight environmental preservation and the importance of committing to a more sustainable, eco-conscious future. This year celebrated its 51st anniversary, and to celebrate, we’ve gathered some of our favorite eco-friendly home listings on the market right now!  From LED lighting to sustainable gardens to geothermal technology, who knows? Maybe they’ll draw some inspo for your own home, too!

An eco-friendly coastal retreat

Ever dreamed of owning your own waterfront property? This 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom home boasts three stories and sits on the Halifax River in Daytona Beach, Florida. Smart thermostats and appliances, extensive thermal insulation and modern, insulated impact windows make this the green-certified house we didn’t know we needed.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for stunning waterside views and plenty of sunshine. Standout features include an in-home theater, sauna and multi-level balconies — perfect to entertain family and friends in the evenings or catch unbelievable sunsets over the water. For just under $3 million, this eco-friendly home subtly blends contemporary design with sustainable amenities — proving that living large can still be kind to Mother Nature!

A “certified” private escape

Beyond this next home’s clean, contemporary feel, its community’s commitment to creating an environmentally-friendly neighborhood is what really steals the show! Located in exclusive Weatherford Place in Roswell, Georgia, this community takes pride in building custom LEED Platinum Certified homes. LEED-certified homes reduce typical man-made stress on the environment, and are a great investment for anyone committed to sustainability.

Inside this stunning home, you’ll find a bright, all-white kitchen with quartz countertops along with a living room featuring an eco-friendly fireplace. The outdoor deck greets you with tons of greenery and a custom-built mudroom! Each room allows for bright, natural light to shine through — but if you do need extra lighting, low-flow fixtures and solar energy hookups keep home maintenance fees cost- and energy-efficient. With a price point just under $1 million, this eco-friendly home is a quick walk from shopping and dining options in the heart of downtown Roswell. Kind to the planet and convenient? It doesn’t get much more perfect!

A mid-century modern bungalow

Sage green has been a top trend in 2021, and this home’s design elements definitely fit the bill! Nestled in Gainesville, Florida sits this quaint, eco-friendly home that was designed by the University of Florida College of Architecture! Every aspect of this home was designed with sustainability in mind, built with locally-sourced materials. From rich oak flooring to over 50 windows that bring in natural light, the home also features solar energy power.

Outside, you’re greeted with your own forest full of lush greenery and a plethora of patio seating. The abundant greenery surrounding this bungalow helps ensure the home stays cool all year-long. And for all the garden-lovers out there, you’ll find your very own in the front yard. For almost $500,000, you can have your own environmentally-friendly house that’s less than two hours from the beach!

Serene, off-the-grid living

We had to save our favorite find for last! For anyone looking to live an “off the grid” lifestyle, we can’t recommend this eco-friendly home enough. Located in Tenino, Washington, you’ll find this sleek, contemporary home with minimalist design on 85 acres of stunning greenery. This nearly 8,500 square-foot home was designed to mesh nature with indoor living, allowing residents and visitors alike to feel connected to the environment in every space on the property.

Geothermal heating makes temperature regulation much more efficient, while solar systems provide low-cost electricity. How low? One report from 2018 noted an electric bill of only $21! Neutral interior tones and sloping curves enhance the nature-inspired design (you won’t find harsh lines or decorative crown molding here!), while a saltwater pool with retractable glass windows and a private archery range bring an element of luxury.

Priced at just shy of $6 million, the price tag is certainly steep. But, if you’ve got the change to spare, we think this home’s commitment to sustainability combined with unbelievable structural design make it a steal!

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