Moving to the Magic City? Check Out the Best Vegan Restaurants in Miami

Miami is known for its warm weather, colorful nightlife, and fantastic beaches. But did you know the city also has an excellent vegan food selection? Whether you’re a vegan considering moving to Miami, or a current local renting an apartment in Miami Beach, the city is jam-packed with all the mouth-watering vegan food you’ll need. To help you decide which spots to check out first, we reached out to vegan food experts and asked them to share the best vegan restaurant food in the city. Trust me, this list does not disappoint.

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Fulfill your tastebuds at L’Artisane Bakery & Bistro  

A vegan travel blog that knows the best food spots, Veggies Abroad says, “Miami has an incredible vegan food scene that is sometimes overlooked, but anyone who is even slightly veg-curious shouldn’t skip it. One must-visit spot includes L’Artisane Bakery & Bistro for the most jaw-dropping vegan pastries – along with all-day brunch, lunch, and dinner. Everything at this bistro is ready for its close-up, Mr. DeMille.”

Check out this Miami vegan hidden gem, The Plantisserie 

According to Go World Travel Magazine, “Miami has a vibrant vegan food scene, and the average traveler or local will be spoiled for options with 15+ vegan restaurants in the Miami Beach area alone.” The magazine recommends stopping by “The Plantisserie, a vegan deli and market. They offer a variety of vegan empanadas – be sure to try the mushroom one. This place is a hidden gem with a nice ambiance and a large variety of offerings. You’ll be in for a treat.” If you’re looking for great vegan ready-to-eat meals and plant-based market options, this place might be for you.

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Try this vegan food truck: Sunday Coffee & Conscious Eatery

If the vibe is a quick bite, you might consider checking out a plant-based food truck. David’s Been Here, a travel blogger,  says, “My favorite vegan spot in Miami has to be Sunday Coffee & Conscious Eatery, an awesome vegan food truck near Miami Executive Airport. Their artichoke toast and paratha with green mango ambo are incredible appetizers, but you must try their mouthwatering orzo salad with salsa verde, smoked trumpet mushrooms, and avocado. They also have a smoked cherry cheesecake made from cashews that’s honestly one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever had.”

A local and visitor favorite, Plant Miami 

From the traveling vegans, Vegan Vs Travel shares a beloved Miami vegan restaurant. “Our absolute favorite restaurant to visit in Miami is Plant Miami. Not only are they fully vegan, of course, but they also use locally sourced ingredients like micro-greens and edible flowers. So they’re not just animal friendly, but eco-conscious too.” These plant-based kosher dishes are just what the vegan ordered. Vibrant food made to mimic the South Florida landscape and organic ingredients, it’s obvious why this is a vegan favorite. 

Miami vegan food has a little of everything  

Angie’s Epicurean, a vegan plant-based ice cream truck in Miami, shares vegan must-try restaurants. “In Miami, we currently have so many vegan options: from fast food, super cool food trucks around the city, cool vendors at fun family-oriented festivals to very fancy and sophisticated vegan delicacies. My favorite vegan places to go are Planta at South Pointe, Planta Queen in Coconut Grove, and Perrology for very creative vegan hot dogs, Latin style. You must try the parecerito hot dog; it’s an explosion of flavor and textures. Last but not least, the best and ultimate vegan party of the year is The Vegan Block Party, where our pink vintage truck always makes an appearance along with other vegan vendors.”

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Miami vegan food has taste and style 

The best part about these vegan restaurants is you don’t have to be vegan to try them. This list is just the beginning of the vegan eats in Miami. From fully vegan sit-down restaurants to vegan quick bites to-go, these plant-based options are for everyone to try. Let us know what you think.  

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