Los Angeles Breweries that Raise the Bar: Here’s What to Know about the Local Brew Scene

The number of breweries in Los Angeles County has been growing steadily in recent years as the craft beer movement continues to gain popularity. Whether you own a home in Hollywood, CA, or rent in Downtown Los Angeles, the brewery scene is booming with local microbrews to nationally-recognized brands. If you’re looking for a place to relax with a pint or are eager to explore the city’s vibrant beer culture, there’s a brewery in Los Angeles for everyone. Keep reading for local insights on the LA beer scene, plus some of the top spots you need to check out. Cheers!

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Southern California craft beer is one of a kind 

“If you enjoy craft beer, there are a few states that are very well-known for producing some of the best in the country, including Oregon, Colorado, and of course, California,” brewery blogger Craft Beer Guy shares. “As someone that has visited over 300 breweries in 24 states, I can assure you that California has the best, with Los Angeles County leading the pack. For the best of the best, check out the South Bay, which has some of the best beers in the country.”

There’s something for everyone in LA’s beer scene 

Regardless of your preferences, Los Angeles has something for everyone when it comes to its brewery options. 

“You can enjoy the diverse and ever-evolving beer culture in Los Angeles by exploring the array of breweries and brewpubs the city offers,” says the creator of Girl Beer, a documentary about the history and participation of women in the craft beer industry. “From the large open floor plans of Arts District Brewing and Angel City Brewing to the intimate and cozy settings of Highland Park, there is something for everyone in LA’s thriving beer scene. Get your taste of the city by supporting the many local beer destinations in the Los Angeles area. Just make sure you have one for us.”

You can find breweries and craft beer in every LA neighborhood

Many of LA’s breweries are located downtown, which has become a hot spot for nightlife and dining. There are also several well-known breweries in the Los Angeles suburbs, which are particularly popular among locals.

Beer guide site Beer Search Party adds, “Wherever you are in the greater Los Angeles area, you’re probably not more than a freeway exit from great, local craft beer. From Brouwerij West at the southern end of the 110 to Benny Boy Brewing (and cidery) that you can see from the 5 freeway, and all brewing operations in-between, LA has a brewery for you. Torrance, Long Beach, DTLA, and El Segundo are all tap-room rich neighborhoods to explore.”

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Top Los Angeles breweries you’ll want to check out

Angel City Brewery 

Angel City Brewery is an LA-based craft brewery located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. “You can find Angel City Brewery in a 100+-year-old warehouse that is covered by colorful graffiti and murals, says local Los Angeles travel guide site Booming in LA. “Patrons can pick up grub from outside food trucks and enjoy IPA beer with friends at community tables.”

Barbaras at the Brewery 

Barbaras at the Brewery is a historic, family-owned bar located in the Lincoln Heights area of Downtown LA. They feature craft beers from the best craft breweries from mostly California and the West Coast. 

Beachwood Blendery

Beachwood Blendery is the perfect place for sour beer lovers to drink in LA County. Each beer is aged in oak barrels with different aromatics like muscat grapes, guavas, and strawberries. The options change frequently, so you can always try something new. Your Beer Friend says, “I’m always surprised by how many good sour breweries we have in Los Angeles. Beachwood Blendery in Long Beach makes some of the best naturally-fermented spontaneous beers in the world.”

Ballast Point Brewery

The fun doesn’t stop there. Ballast Point Brewery is the perfect spot if you want a view with your brew. Party Bus Group recommends “Ballast Point Brewery in Long Beach for a unique experience. Guests can enjoy everything from Belgian blondes to heavier IPAs overlooking the beautiful marina with friends.” 

Boomtown Brewery 

Boomtown offers a broad selection of beers all year round, with a dozen rotating seasonal concoctions. Boomtown Brewery is also a community space that hosts various events, from DJs to gallery showings, benefits, block parties, bicycle rides, and more. Their goal is to contribute to the creative community that is the Los Angeles Arts District.

Highland Park Brewing 

Highland Park Brewery is located in a converted warehouse across the street from LA State Historic Park. HPB boasts an expansive bar, a full kitchen, and a great outdoor patio in addition to their amazing hoppy beers, lagers, and barrel-aged wild ales.

If you want to check out a few spots, go brewery hopping 

Travel research and planning assistant, Outdoorsome says, “One of the most popular things for beer lovers in downtown LA is to go brewery hopping – no pun intended. The Angel City, Mumford, and Arts District Brewing trio are all within walking distance in Little Tokyo. We love IPAs, and so our personal favorite is Mumford, as it has 6 IPAs on tap. Angel City has a better ambiance and a more balanced menu with some light and crisp beers on tap. If you still want to try some more, Boomtown is a short 15-minute walk away. End your day with a casual walk along Japanese Village and explore some of the many dining options there.”

Or, experience the best breweries all in one place at LA Beer Festival 

“The LA Beer Festival returns for its 14th year, taking place Sept 17th at LA Center Studios. The event features over 80 craft breweries, LA’s best food trucks, the 80s, and 90s cover bands, Power 106 DJ truck, and much more.”

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The bottom line: there’s nothing better than SoCal sunshine and craft brews

There are many reasons to visit Los Angeles breweries. The city is home to some of the country’s best craft beer, with plenty of breweries to taste. Whether you’re looking for a unique beer to pair with a meal, want to tour a brewery, or just looking for some fun and culture, Los Angeles has something for everyone.

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