Look for Less: Vintage Rugs

I remember when my mom decorated her living room with a vintage rug with mauve tones and I thought to myself I’ll never do that. I’ll be different, I’ll be modern! And here I am all these years later with a new rug in a vintage style. And I love it.

The sun was shining yesterday so I opened up all the windows and washed all the slipcovers on my three year old Sodermalm sofa. It was the perfect day to roll out my new charcoal and green rug that I snagged online for a very affordable price.

Vintage rugs have been trending for a few years, you see them popping up in many designer home reveals. The real ones are crazy expensive, some in the tens of thousands of dollars, but they are heirlooms with a history or from a high end source, so if you have that kind of cash, you can get yourself an vintage woven rug. I prefer to swap my rugs out every few years so I buy ones that won’t put me in debt or make me cry should anything tragic happen to them. 🙂

Vintage style rugs ground a space with a classic feeling so you can layer all kinds of contemporary furnishings on them and they look amazing. Their muted tones and blurred weaves add just the right amount of subtle pattern without overpowering.

rugs direct

loloi rugs

milk + confetti

mcgee & co

Sources for budget rugs in vintage styles:  

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