4 Simple Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

bathroom organized

Relative to the other areas in a typical home, bathrooms do not take up as much space as the kitchen or the master suite. However, you must admit, that despite its size, it can be terribly difficult to keep a bathroom organized. Especially after the rush of the morning, the space is often reduced to a mess of tangled hair, wet towels and toiletries smeared all over the counters. Preparing for work or school would be a lot easier if your bathroom is clean and organized. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, below are a few bathroom organizational hacks you can accomplish in less than an hour!

Hang ’em Up!

Between all the hair products, skin care products and make-up your family uses on a day-to-day basis, it can be difficult to find space inside the bathroom to store everything. They almost always end up open, toppled over and dripping all over the counter. This clutter can make any bathroom, big or small, look messy and smaller than it actually is. As a solution, why not bolt a few wicker baskets on the wall? The tutorial from Making Lemonade Blog uses the basket hung on the wall to store towels. You can use any sized basket you want and use it however you need to! One way is to use it for all of the corded small appliances like the hairdryer and straightener.

Make Them Fancy

Not all hacks or DIYs require you to build something. Some projects are merely using tools for other things. For instance, an oil or vinegar bottle can be a great and fancy way to store mouthwash. Place the bottle next to a few Dixie cups to avoid messy drips and spills!

Storage for Your Make-up

A few women prefer to do their make-up in the bathroom. Unfortunately, not all bathrooms come with vanities that have storage. If you are one of the unlucky few, don’t worry! An Ikea organizer can provide you the space you need to store your lipsticks and eye shadows. Ikea‘s super slender picture ledge is the perfect addition to your tight bathroom. It provides just enough storage for small trinkets like make-up all while taking up as little space as possible.

Keep Cords at Bay

Electrical cords are unsightly in any room and having to untangle the cord of your blow-drier everyday is a waste of precious getting-ready time. Apartment Therapy, thankfully, has come up with a brilliant and free solution to this problem using only toilet paper rolls! Feel free to label them and jazz them up with wrapping paper, washi tape, or whatever. You do not have to have your bathroom renovated in order to keep it organized. With the little trinkets and tools you have at home, a few hours on your day-off and a lot of creativity, you too can have the clean bathroom of your dreams.