How to Maximize Storage Space in a Small Home

Finding storage space in your home is hard, especially when your house is small and doesn’t have a ton of room. As homeowners, it is important to utilize every nook and cranny in your small space to maximize your storage. For example, a narrow stretch of a wall can be used for wall shelves and hooks for more space. The key to utilizing every space in a home is to organize and buy multipurpose items.  

One item to consider purchasing is storage cubes. These storage cubes are not only functional because they provide shelves for items to be displayed, but also storage bins that fit perfectly inside each shelf can be purchased to maximize space. Storage cube units are useful not only for storage but because they are multipurpose. For instance, they could be used as a TV stand or as an entryway table, or even as a dresser. 

Another item that can be installed to maximize space is wall shelves.  Wall shelves are great because they can be used to display decorations such as art or pictures of your loved ones in the living room or bedroom. But they can also be installed in the kitchen or bathroom as extra storage for cooking supplies, food, or toiletries.  

It is important to make the best use of your closet space, especially in a small home, but sometimes the closets are just not big enough. To maximize closet space, a clothing rack is not only a great way to store more clothes, but it can also be used as a décor piece to display your trendiest clothes or items you wear the most often.

To make a home cozy it is important to have a lot of blankets, but whether they are in the living room or bedroom, it’s hard to find a functional place for them. That’s why a storage ottoman with a top that lifts up to store items is perfect in your living room or bedroom to store extra blankets or linens. Storage ottomans are great for small homes because they are multifunctional and come in many different sizes.  

Another great multifunctional item to have in a small home is either a medicine cabinet or a full-length mirror that opens like a cabinet to reveal small hooks. A medicine cabinet is ideal for providing more storage in a bathroom for items like medicine, makeup, and skincare. A full-length mirror is perfect for checking your outfit before leaving the house and storing your jewelry or ties.

Finally, to get the most out of the storage space in a small home: hang everything! Hanging isn’t just ideal for décor, but it can be made multifunctional by purchasing and installing storage items. Whether it’s wall shelves in your living room, wall hooks by your front door, a spice rack in your kitchen, or a hanging shoe organizer in a closet, hanging is the best way to ensure storage is maximized in a small home.  

By purchasing and installing these storage items, you can easily make more storage space in a small home, leading to more organization and creating the ideal space for you.  

Helen Wells

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