How to Hang Art on a Brick Wall

Art, whether it be a framed family photo, a children’s drawing or a beautiful painting, was made to be displayed. However, if you have a brick wall in your home, it can be difficult to showcase your favorite pictures. Since you can’t easily place a nail or screw into the wall for hanging your artwork, you may need to get a little more creative with your methods. Here are some ways to hang art on a brick or concrete wall, both temporarily and permanently.

Mounting Putty
Though a temporary option, this clay-like substance will fill in the grooves and gaps often found on a brick or concrete wall. This sticky material is easy to handle—simply roll into a ball and stick to the back of the picture or artwork you plan to hang, then stick to the wall. Keep in mind, however, that mounting putty is best for lightweight items, such as drawings or posters. The good news is, it can be removed easily and with no oily residue left behind.

Self-Adhesive Hooks
With a strong adhesive on the back of a plastic or metal hook, you can easily place, remove and move these hooks, allowing for an ever-changing gallery wall on your exposed brick or concrete. The adhesive lays on a strip of foam, which is attached to the back of the hook. Many different types of hooks are available depending on what you are hanging: picture hangers, broom hooks, utility hooks, etc.  Like the mounting putty, these hooks are best for light weight items, but can be used for canvas photos up to 5 pounds. Be sure to clean the wall surface with rubbing alcohol before you apply.

Concrete Screws
These sturdy, plastic screws are made with chiseled edges that cut threads into masonry material, such as brick and concrete. It is important to drill a hole about ¼” deep before inserting the screw. Most will allow a weight of up to 750 pounds, meaning you can hang a large piece of artwork or wall hanging without worry. If properly installed, these hooks can also be used to hold up shelving, allowing for more creativity when designing your exposed brick wall.

Expansion Bolts
Expansion bolts, also known as toggle bolts, are another permanent option for hanging items on a brick or concrete wall. They feature a spring-loaded wing section that will fit into a pre-drilled hole. Once the wing is in the hole, the spring opens to hold the bolt in place. Once the bolt is in place, it can hold up to 800 pounds of weight, making this another great option for hanging shelves and filling them with heavy items. Be sure to purchase a bolt that is at least 2 inches long to reach the inner cavity of a cinder block. Talk to a representative at your local hardware store to determine which bolt is right for the type of wall you have.

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