How 2021 Became the Year of Backyard Pools

2020 was the year for staying home. Because of this, many people turned to home innovations to transform their space. In fact, according to a news report, shortly into the mass shutdown in 2020, home renovations increased by 58% from the previous year. One notable increase was installing backyard pools.

People were tired of being cooped up in their homes and wanted to turn their backyard into their own personal getaway. In August of last year, a large pool supply chain reported an increase of 54% one week when compared to 2019. What does this mean now? Pool parties! Grab your friends and grab your floaties, and get ready for some summer fun. Take a look at these beautiful backyard pools for inspiration.

Sometimes, minimalism is the best route. We’re loving the sparsely-spaced seating and simple design. During the day, the large shady tree is ideal for keeping you cool. If you’re not able to enjoy a natural canopy, a large umbrella can still give you a break from the sun. String lights can also transform your space if you care to take a nighttime dip.

Creating the right seating nook can transform your experience by the pool. Whether you’re enjoying a day to yourself or you’re spending the time with friends and family, some quality pool furniture can offer a relaxing lounge space in between dips in the pool. Coordinating colors and adding an outdoor run can tie everything together to create a fun, summery aesthetic.

Want to add some nature to your pool space? A beautiful flower garden or clusters of potted plants can add a nice, natural pop of color. Look for plants that are suitable for full-sun if your pool is often basked in sunlight. Lavender, Shasta Daisies and Chrysanthemums are all great choices to add some bright floral color to your pool deck.

Some people prefer a smaller pool in favor of more deck space. This may also be true if you live in a northern area that has more cold than warm weather. If your ideal pool is more for a luxurious soak rather than an area to swim laps, this may be the best fit for you. Plus, with a larger deck, there’s more space for food display, patio furniture or for guests to lounge outside of the water.

Combining different elements can create the perfect backyard getaway. The nature from trees and grassy areas next to the pool water can elevate any area and turn it into a luxury space. Adding a fire pit by the pool takes this to the next level, and it’s also perfect for friends to gather around during parties.

Even without a full-sized pool, you can still turn your backyard into a magical oasis. We’re loving the different sources of light here, whether it’s a fire pit, string lights or standing lanterns. Gather your friends over for an evening of socializing, soaking in the pool and even toasting marshmallows over the table fire.

Whether you’re in the market for sprucing up your space in 2021, or if you are just interested in checking out your options check out the many home improvement articles on our site for some serious inspiration!

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