5 Simple Ways to Build Decluttering into Your Life

Add some decluttering to your routine

Decluttering isn’t something you do once, and then you’re done with it forever. If such were the case, no one would ever feel overburdened by the stuff since most of us have decluttered our homes at some point.

The key to decluttering is realizing it needs to be a mindset, a set of habits you develop that not only cleans the extra stuff out of your life but keeps the clutter out as you move forward.

Keep reading to find out five simple ways you can build decluttering into your life:

Where’s That Donation Box?

A lot of the time, people tend not to get rid of things because they have nowhere to go with it. Creating a donation box and leaving it somewhere accessible, like the floor of your closet, means getting rid of things is as easy as pitching the object into the box. When the box is full, put it in your car immediately so you can drop it off at a donation center when you’re out on your usual errands.

Do It Now!

If you find something you no longer want, get rid of it immediately while you’re thinking about it. Toss it out or put it in the donation box, so you aren’t tempted to keep it later. Why put off what’s only going to take a moment to do?

Try a Timer

Make a deal with yourself. Rather than spending an entire weekend trying to work through your closet, every day set a timer for ten minutes. Then, see what kind of dent you can make into the project. Making tidying up a regular part of your day will turn it into a habit designed to keep clutter out of your life for good.

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Make Sure Everything Has a Home

If you don’t have a place to put something, how can you ever put it away? Find a home for every object you want to keep. Can’t find one? Evict something else you don’t need to make room.

Know When to Re-organize, and When Not To

The biggest mistake people make is in thinking they can organize things as they are decluttering. The problem comes when you start wasting time organizing things which you’re not even sure if you’re going to keep. Get rid of things first and then spend your time on the organizational side of things to optimize your time. Decluttering can become a way of life. Good habits start with repetition. Spend a little time daily tidying in small ways. You’ll soon build a mindset of change impacting your home in positive ways for years to come.