Coffee Bar Ideas That Are Stylish & Functional

Create a dedicated space for your coffee mugs and supplies with these coffee bar ideas. From DIY coffee carts to dedicated nooks in dining rooms, there are options for every space and budget.

Thinking of setting up a coffee bar or coffee station in your home but aren’t sure where to start? This is the post for you! I’ve rounded up all the best DIY coffee stations in various design styles and sizes, so you can create one whether you are working with a tiny space or a large area. Plus, I’m sharing everything I recommend including in your space so that it’s the perfect balance of function and style.

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What Should Be Included in a Coffee Bar?

Exactly what you choose to include will be someone dependent on how much space you have. But here are the things most coffee bars include:

Coffee Essentials

  • Coffee maker (this is the coffee maker we’ve had for years and love)
  • Selection of coffee grounds or beans
  • K-cups (if you use them)
  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee dispenser (I can’t believe it took me so long to get one of these–amazing)
  • 6 to 8 coffee mugs or coffee cups
  • A few travel coffee mugs
  • Handheld wisk (I use this tiny thing every day to stir my collagen powder in my coffee)
  • Milk Frother (I only use on this when I have lots of time to enjoy my coffee, but it’s so nice)
  • Canisters for storing things like sugar/sweetener of choice, collagen powder, etc.

Optional Coffee Accessories

These items are totally optional and will depend on how much space you have as well as what you like/care about!

  • Coffee bar decor (scroll through some of my favorites below)

Now that you have an idea of what to include in your home coffee station, let’s take a look at some of the incredible coffee bar ideas out there!

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas and Inspiration

Use a Rolling Coffee Bar Cart in a Small Space

All you need is a rolling cart and your favorite coffee supplies to create this functional and cute coffee station! Just place the cart near an outlet in a dining room, family room, or anywhere it makes sense for you!

If you don’t want to buy a rolling cart, you can make your own DIY coffee cart with copper and wood like Hey Wanderer did. So chic and functional.

If you’ve ever wondered “how do you make an inexpensive coffee bar?” this could be the perfect solution for you. This clean and simple DIY rolling coffee cart cost less than $50 to build. Like the others above, you can really put this anywhere in your home as long as you it’s near an outlet to plug your coffee machine into!

Use an Old Dresser as a Coffee Station

I love coffee as much as most people, but my love for coffee isn’t the reason I set up a coffee area in the breakfast nook our house (we just didn’t need another table since we usually eat in our navy blue dining room or at our kitchen island). The reality is that we have limited kitchen counter space and didn’t want cover up a good portion of it with our coffee maker and related stuff! We created this simple coffee bar using an old, thrifted dresser that I painted. The dresser drawers hold our coffee filters, extra coffee, coffee mugs and teas. And the top surface is perfect for our coffee maker, tea kettle and canisters. From far away, you would never really guess this is a dedicated coffee bar. It just looks like a sitting area!

You can tour my coffee station in the short video below.

Add Shelves

If you are short on space, add some vertical storage. I love the look of this pegboard shelving combo!

And this colorful coffee bar combines a small dresser with shelves to increase the storage without taking up more floorspace.

Convert a Closet into a Beverage Station

Have an unused closet? Transform a closet into this DIY beverage station by adding some stock cabinetry and a shelf. It’s a perfect spot to include a coffee bar. And I love that there is a mini fridge included–it would be a perfect place to keep your creamer or half and half!

Farmhouse Coffee Bars

It isn’t hard to find tons of farmhouse coffee stations, but this coffee bar by Bless’er House is one of my favorites! She thrifted that gorgeous marble-top piece and gave it a makeover. Then she added an inexpensive IKEA plate rack above it to hold her coffee mugs and some decor.

Here’s another farmhouse look that is also a space-saver–it tucks into a small corner! Such a smart use of space and I love the mug rack!

Add a Chalkboard

The duo behind Gray House Studio not only made this DIY coffee bar from scratch, but they also made the DIY framed chalkboard as well. I love how the chalkboard makes this coffee area feel like a chic retail coffee shop! This set up is in their breakfast nook, which is such a great use of space.

Add a Home Coffee Bar to Your Dining Room

I love the idea of creating a coffee nook in the corner of a dining room, especially if you have guests over often and love to serve after-dinner coffee. This vintage piece makes a beautiful statement and is a perfectly functional coffee station.

Use Your Kitchen Counter Space

If you have the space on your kitchen counters for a coffee station, by all means use it!

While you are at it, why not add interest to it with a feature like this DIY arched fluted accent wall?! How gorgeous is that?

I also love this modern DIY coffee station. It’s part of her kitchen, but that amazing accent wall treatment sets it apart!

Spread Out If You Have Enough Space

If you have an entire wall to spare, why not build an entire wall of DIY kitchen cabinets for under $200 and add your coffee station to the top?! I love that this creates the perfect spot for a coffee area but also adds tons of storage for whatever you may need!

I hope you have found the perfect inspiration for creating your own coffee area at home! If you need ideas for decorating your coffee bar once you are done, check out the perfect art and decor options below!

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