Guacamole Recipe With Pico de Gallo

My favorite Guacamole Recipe, crammed with festive Mexican flavor, surpasses tableside restaurant guac every time using my homemade pico de Gallo. Avocado dip with pico turns ordinary chips and salsa into a fiesta!

You know what goes amazingly well with the best fresh guac recipe? Spicy Ranch Water, Beergaritas, The Perfect Paloma, and for someone who loves a little sweet with her sassy, a Sangria Mexican Mule!

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a white bowl of guacamole with fresh cilantro and chips

Why This Fresh Guac Recipe Beats Tableside Guacamole “Chips Down!”

Yes, I said that right; homemade guacamole puts a beatdown on tableside guac every day of the week! Many folks think spending extra cash to watch someone mash their avocados is better than….(insert your version of sliced bread), but I’m afraid I have to disagree.

  • Creamy, lively, and robust avocado dip is the perfect addition to any Mexican-inspired dish.
  • Packed with fresh, zesty flavors and bright colors it’s the highlight of any table!
  • Even simple guacamole recipes benefit from a 30-minute “siesta” to allow the flavors to infuse the avocado dip!
  • Homemade guac lets you add extra of your favorite guacamole ingredients and seasonings.
  • A versatile recipe that can be adapted to special dietary needs and taste preferences.
  • Last I checked, no one had to tip me when I served the best guacamole dip they’d had in ages


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