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These deals are not on fire…But they are very useful. If you are looking for firefighter discounts – from homes to clothing to dining – they are out there. Trouble is they are all over the place. We have assembled a focused list of firefighter discounts we feel should help you find some of the best discounts reserved for firefighters.

Of course we will start with homes, real estate and lending, because that’s our specialty.

Big Deal When You Buy or Sell a Home

We think the best deals for firefighters in the housing market are with us, Homes for Heroes.

When it comes to:

  • Buying a home
  • Selling your home
  • Buying and selling your home
  • Refinancing your mortgage

We can help. We have a network of real estate specialists, mortgage lenders and even home inspectors that cater specifically to community heroes such as firefighters. For example, when you sign up to use a Homes for Heroes real estate agent and home loan lender, you can save on average $3,000 when buying or selling your home.

Once you close on your home, you’ll receive our Hero Rewards in the form of a check for 0.7% of the purchase price, or $700 for every $100,000 in home price. Plus, if you work with our mortgage, title and inspection specialists, you can save $500 on lender fees, $150 on title services, and $50 on a home inspection. That adds up to thousands of dollars saved!

Sign up today to speak with our local specialist in your area. There’s no obligation, and no extra work, or hidden fees for you. It’s just our way of saying thank you.

One other notable housing program for firefighters is the Good Neighbor Next Door Program from HUD. These homes are in revitalization areas where the houses have been foreclosed on, but they do offer 50 percent off the cost of the home for firefighters (plus law enforcement, teachers and EMS).

Firefighter Discounts on Tech

Firefighter Discounts on Clothing

Firefighter Deals on Fitness

Firefighter Discounts on Dining

Firefighter Deals on Autos

There are a lot of discounts out there for firefighters. Many of them require verifications from services such as There are variations in all of these offers, but they all have one thing in common: the sincere desire to thank you, the firefighter, for your service to our communities.

Homes for Heroes joins with these companies and organizations in order to express our thanks.

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