Find the Perfect Home in the Perfect Location with Our Map Feature 

Finding the perfect home for you and your family is challenging, especially if you’re looking for a home in a specific location. But here at, we have created the “Map” feature to make finding the perfect home more accessible. The map feature lets you pick any home for sale or rent directly from the map in any location. To start using the map feature, you first need to find it. 

How to Find the Map 

The map can be found on any search results page. To arrive at the search results page, you must search for a home by typing in the city in which you would like to live. Then you will arrive at the search results page where any homes for sale or rent will be found. Here is an example of what your search results page should look like.

Towards the right or (mobile) on your screen, you should see the map with blue icons. Each blue icon represents a home, and if you click or tap on a blue icon, it will turn orange and pull up some info about the home, as well as pulling up the house on the left side of the screen with an orange box around it. To learn even more about any house, you must click or tap on it to be taken to the listing details page. 

How to Use the Map  

If you want to see the street the home is on, use the zoom feature on the map. To zoom in on the map, click or tap on the “+” icon in the bottom right corner. To zoom out on the map, click or tap on the “-” icon in the bottom left corner. Once you zoom in, each blue icon will tell you the price of each home. 

The map’s final features are the “Draw” and “Layers” features. Both of these features are located on the map’s top right corner. To use the “Draw” feature, click or tap on the “Draw” icon, then hold and drag to draw the area on the map where you would like to search for homes. Once you have completed your drawing, the area on the map will be outlined and highlighted in blue. If you want to clear the drawing, you must click or tap the “Clear” icon in the top right corner. 

Finally, the last feature on the map is the “Layers” feature located below the “Draw” icon. Once you click or tap on the “Layers” icon, you should be able to see your home via “Default” or “Satellite.” Both views allow you to look at any home that’s for sale or rent but gives you a different experience. Satellite lets you experience a more detailed map view to ensure you can learn anything and everything around your new home.  

Whether trying to find a home for sale or rent,’s map feature allows you to experience your new home differently. If you would like to learn more about the different features offers, check out our support center.  

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