Feng Shui For Your Home Based Business


Believe it or not, there are many business people all over the world that use the principles of Feng Shui in their business. Many cultures believe Feng Shui is necessary in order to conduct proper business and business management. In fact, there are some famous businesspeople in the United States that are using Feng Shui and they have encountered good success in their business.

Many people have transformed themselves into entrepreneurs and having their office established in their home. This is a cost effective way to start out because there is not much overhead. On the other side, some people that work from home find themselves somewhat perplexed because it can be difficult for them to separate their home business from their personal life and they don’t have a lot of interaction with other people. However, having a home base business outweighs the challenges and frustrations that people face working at a 9 to 5 job.

If you’re looking to attract wealth and abundance for your home based business using Feng Shui, here are some ways to incorporate it:


Your home office should be a good distance from your bedroom and all about productivity. The colors of your home office should reflect that. Wherever your wealth area is, place the office equipment there. You should always sit with a solid wall behind your back. Avoid sitting with a window behind you, and you should not have a wall facing you while you’re at your desk working or when you come into the office.


In order for Chi to flow with harmony, place the tables and chairs in a strategic format. It is also a good idea is to install a hanging crystal in your home office. The wealth corner is a great spot for a small indoor fountain, which will also help you health wise. Avoid placing a copy machine near the main entry door. The heat from the copy machine can cause to Chi not to flow correctly. An empty vase can also be a detriment to the environment as Chi will find its way into the empty vase.


The entry door to your home office should be free of obstruction. If there is obstruction, such as a table behind the door, the Chi will not operate correctly. Keep your desks and surrounding areas clutter free. To help with this, the Chinese do not use paper trays. The concept is starting to make its way in the United States.


Air-purifying plants in your home office will help supply you with a fresh quality of air. It will also increase the amount of oxygen generated in that area. Other than air-purifying plants, refrain from having any plants that have sharp edges, such as cactus. If you have clients that come to see you, try placing a fish tank within the wealth area. This will help you get better results and probably more clients, which in turn, means more money.


Pay attention to the kind of light that you are using in your home office. You should use both natural and artificial lighting. You will not be able to function properly if you don’t have enough natural light. Full-spectrum lights are a great option as well. These lights are similar to the natural light spectrum and they have been branded as healthier to use.


There are different areas of your home office that need to be nurtured with Feng Shui. In the North area, the Water Element is used as well as Metal. In your home office, it’s fine to have images with black or white frames. The South area uses Fire for energy. You should refrain from having blue mirrors, or images of water that represent this color. The Southeast area is for images that represent prosperity and abundance. The Wood Element is used here. With this, you should refrain from Fire and Metal images.

Using these Feng Shui principles will help your business to thrive and grow in prosperity and abundance.