Eliminate Clutter with These Cheap Garage Organization Tips

If you’re like many homeowners, your garage has devolved into a makeshift storage space with little to no room to move around. Maybe your garage is filled with mounds of random seasonal items, supplies, power tools, leftover paint, and other miscellaneous items. Maybe the clutter makes it impossible to access your garage door. If this sounds like your situation, you could probably use some organizing help. Here are five cheap garage organization tips to help transform your space from a cluttered catchall into a functional, stress-free environment.

white house with two garage doors

1. Empty the garage

Removing everything from your garage allows you to create useable space and provides additional opportunities for organization. As you declutter your garage, transfer everything to your driveway or yard and decide what you do or don’t need. Dumpster services are a quick and easy solution, especially if you have heavier items that won’t fit in trash cans.

“If you don’t need, want, or use it, get rid of it,” says Vickie Rawlins of At Your Service Cleaning. Have a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items. You can also post on Nextdoor or Craigslist that you have free stuff at the curb. Put a “free” sign and set it out. People will haul it off for you in no time.”

If you create enough space, you might even be able to convert your garage into a living space.

2. Deep clean the garage floor

Cobwebs, oil, dust, and other debris can keep you from adequately utilizing your garage. Pressure washing the floor and walls of your garage is a great idea for giving your space a fresh start. “A high-pressure water nozzle, Eco-friendly degreaser, and short bristled deck brush are essentials for cleaning a concrete floor,” says Shea Walker of All Garage Floors. “Add a little bit of elbow grease, and you have a very effective low-budget solution.”

tools organized on a garage wall

3. Consider garage storage solutions to create more space

Decluttering is a simple and cheap garage organization tip and may even increase your home’s value. You can organize garage spaces with various storage options. Here are some ideas to store items efficiently and create a garage organization strategy.

Use the overhead garage area

When storing rarely used items, overhead storage is a great option. Contact a custom storage company to find solutions to maximize your ceiling space.

“Overhead storage devices provide unique and innovative options for making use of the most valuable storage area in the ceiling of the garage, basement, or attic,” says Ceiling SAM. “They utilize valuable space that is often wasted. Using the ceiling to store items in the garage could save homeowners hundreds of dollars in monthly fees for otherwise inconvenient and costly rental storage units.”

Use garage wall space for vertical storage

Your garage wall is the perfect place to install wallboards and other organizational tools. Use your vertical space will keep hand tools, extension cords, and other hardware off the floor and maximize space to organize items.

“When purchasing storage solutions for the garage, think adjustable, vertical, and mobile,” says Jenn Greiner of Intentional Spaces Organized. “Tall metal wire racking with adjustable shelves on caster wheels provides maximum flexible storage possibilities. Overhead storage racks make storing out-of-season items such as holiday decorations easy while not taking up any valuable floor space.”

Avoid storing fragile items like glass jars too high to avoid knocking them over and breaking them. You should store bulky items on the floor so the shelving isn’t under excessive stress.

Shelves and hooks mounted on your wall can help store belongings in an orderly fashion. If you own bikes, you can use a wall bike rack to keep them out of the way, further maximizing your garage storage room. Preserve leftover paint without it creating hazards on the garage floor. Create extra garage space by storing leftovers on a shelf set on your wall. Hooks are ideal for storing smaller items because you can install them without chipping the paint on your wall.

Install custom cabinets

Custom tool cabinets, drawers, bins, and other item-specific organizers are vital to finding what you need when you need it. There are plenty of inexpensive options to make garage organization neat and orderly. Local hardware stores can help you find cheap shelf options that fit your home.

4. Take the “DIY” out of DIY garage organization

Aside from shelving and bins, there are other ways to declutter and organize your garage. DIY garage organization doesn’t necessarily have to be a one-person job. Get the kids involved to make light work of your garage organization project.

“Get everyone in your household involved,” says Cristian Campos of Garage Raiders. “Not everyone in your family is as concerned about the garage as you are, especially young children. You will need to make everyone actively responsible for its maintenance, just as you would with the inside of your home. Training them to put things back where they belong is your main priority.”

As far as DIY garage organizing ideas go, this one serves two purposes. The extra help will get your garage organized in no time, and the kids will know where to store the contents of your garage. If they’re storing items correctly, the garage is less likely to need another time-consuming overhaul.

5. Divide and conquer for an effortless and cheap garage organization

Dividing your garage into sections is a fantastic way to sort through a crowded garage without being overwhelmed.

“Start by taking the items in your garage and moving them outside. It helps if you can remove small items as well,” says Brett Williams of Live Junkless. “Starting with a clear area will allow you to determine what to keep and dispose of. From there, start to put similar items together and put them in sections of your garage. For example, tools on the side, bikes hanging in the back, and sporting goods on the front right. This will help keep things organized and clean.”

Blake Bancroft of Gladiator GarageWorks has another way of dividing up your DIY garage cleaning project. “Think of your garage storage in terms of activity zones – some areas can be meant for quick, grab-and-go items, while others may be useful for long-term, out-of-the-way storage. Addressing your garage in this way can make the task of getting organized less overwhelming, allow you to regain your floor space, and get the most out of the gear and equipment you own. Getting things off the floor, onto the wall, or even overhead, makes things easy to grab and go, giving all your important tools and gear a home.”

In summary, garage storage ideas like shelving and bins and storing things on your wall can go a long way in eliminating clutter. These cheap garage organization tips should provide easy access to essential materials and eliminate the need to search through the mess.

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