Does the For Sale by Owner Sign Send Mixed Signals?

When you see a “For Sale by Owner” sign, it tends to communicate an emphasis on the owner rather than the home behind it. That’s probably not what the seller would hope for, but it’s unavoidable. There is more to thinking about FSBOs from the buyer’s perspective, too. Think about playing the part of a consumer who is looking to buy a piece of jewelry—one with a precious stone. You walk into the jewelry store, and the owner greets you.

You ask, “How much does this beautiful necklace cost?”
The owner smiles and says, “How much do you think it should cost?”
You are a little put off at that—but say, “I don’t know. What’s the price?”

At this point, if the jeweler says, “I’m actually new at this, but I’m willing to bargain,” you would be a wise consumer to turn on your heel and make a quick exit. You expected a professional jeweler to be experienced—to know his business inside out—which gives you and any future client confidence that the product has measured up to rigorous quality standards and that the considerable purchase price will be processed without a hitch—not to mention, that those dollars will make you the legitimate owner of the necklace!

If you begin to doubt any part of that, you’re well served to turn tail and get the heck out of there. When a legitimate buyer has the option of two houses, one of which is represented by an experienced, licensed Realtor, and the other is a For Sale by Owner do-it-yourselfer, you know which one you are more likely to contact. It’s the real-world reason why I hope you will always forego the FSBO sign—and give me a call!