Decor Updates in my New and Improved IKEA “Hers” Closet

Adding pretty decor touches to my closet with wallpaper and lighting!

I did a huge, top to bottom transformation of my closet last year using all IKEA units and I still pinch myself when I walk into this space. It is a night and day difference from where it started! 

Once all the hard work was done, I was able to start adding in some decor touches to pretty it up a bit. I added a beautiful wallpaper and some brass touches that made a BIG difference. 

IKEA komplement closet makeover

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Tearing out the wire shelving and making this space work better was one of the BEST decisions ever. This organized closet has made a huge difference in my days!

stacked kallax cubby wall storage

That gave me a spot for all of my off season clothing as well. Those little drawers have been great for smaller stuff socks and undergarments.

IKEA sells a bunch of components like these to customize their Kallax units. 

The small knobs that come with those IKEA drawers were a bit too tiny for my liking, so I replaced them with these round brass pulls instead: 
Kallax component options

They definitely make more of a visual impact now as well. 

label clips for canvas bins

All the organization is wonderful, but my favorite part of this wall now is the lighting! I got three Urshult cabinet lights from IKEA and spray painted them in that same brass color: 

spray painted ikea bookcase lights
The bulbs are LED and don’t get super hot, so the spray paint holds up just fine. I plugged them in the wall next to this tall unit — I used my favorite cord covers to corral the cord and switch along the side of the cubby units. 
wallpaper on light switch cover
Yes! I covered the light switch cover with scrap wallpaper! 😁

These motion sensors are PERFECT in a closet! 

No need to reach for the light when your hands are full with stacks of clothes. 

Some of you may remember the VERY pink wallpaper I tried out in this closet at first. It didn’t last too long — it was just way too much and not the look I was going for overall. I wanted something softer and prettier for sure. 

vintage vogue green bookcases

This cheery wallpaper is so pretty! There are three colorways available — I tried the blue option first and was so bummed. It was way more aqua than it looked online. 

So I went with the “pearl” finish I used in the office — it has touches of a coral/light pink tone that work beautifully in here:

sconce lighting above cubby units
I had larger artwork here before, but I wasn’t feeling it for this space. Instead I found this beautiful botanical print online and printed it out at CVS. Love it!

The pretty blossom wallpaper is also on the wall behind the mirror in my little jewelry nook: 

DIY jewelry vanity in closet

This is such a pretty space now, I’m so happy with how this all came together! I love when form and function meet so well! 

Those IKEA lights are the perfect low light in here…I just love them!

master closet warm pink tones

Never underestimate the difference some good organization will make in your life. So worth the time and effort!

This wall was impossible to keep under control before: 

replacing wire shelves in closet

But look at it now!: 

ikea closet makeover reveal

I absolutely love walking into this space every morning and night…it’s a breath of fresh air. After living with it for eight months now I can say I wouldn’t change a thing! (But I have some ideas to customize these IKEA units even more, so stay tuned for that.)

Here’s a recap of the decorative items I’ve used in here: 

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