Data Shows That NOW is the Time to List Your Home!

As a practical matter, being able to identify with pinpoint accuracy the single week that market conditions suggest will be the optimal time to list your home isn’t really possible. For one thing, for a market the size of ’s, the numbers aren’t large enough. That’s why Realtor® Magazine’s annual “Best Time to Sell Report” calculations are based on the entire country’s data, which seldom duplicate our own.

So this year’s “Best Time” calculation is really no better than a hint for how things will turn out when the year is in the books. Even so, if you have been holding your own house off the market, waiting for an unambiguous signal that it’s time to list, that absolute perfect moment does look to be close at hand. Realtor’s calculation for the “Best Time” for 2022 has now been as the week of April 10th-16th.

The background information that accompanied the unveiling of the optimum week was heralded by a graphic dubbed a “listapalooza” of national research. It all pointed to the unambiguous conclusion that “the Spring buying season is here!” Among the figures:

• Right now, 29% more buyers are viewing listings than was true at the same time in 2021.
• Asking prices are $39,000 higher than was the average at the beginning of last year.
• Compared with the average during the last 2019 pre-pandemic weeks, today’s TOM (Time On Market) until sale is nearly a month shorter: 27 days less.
• Number of listings is down 12.9% below the 2021 average.

The figures are based on the NAR’s site but don’t contain any surprises. Knowing that this year’s peak season is already in progress—and that it looks to be very propitious for sellers—is the real news.