Creative Fridge and Pantry Organization Hacks, Straight From the Experts

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your messy fridge? Do you feel like it’s impossible to keep your overstuffed pantry tidy and clean? Well, don’t throw in the towel just yet – there are plenty of creative pantry and fridge organization hacks that will make for an insta-worthy kitchen.

The truth is, there isn’t a right way to stay organized in your space. It’s about finding and creating systems that work for you. We’ve reached out to professionals all over the nation for their best advice on cleaning out and tidying up your fridge and pantry, including creative ways to solve some of the top kitchen storage problems. So whether you’re in an apartment in Boston, a home in Dallas, or just need some great tips, read on to see what they had to say.

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Pantry organization tips from the experts

Let’s face it – with a busy lifestyle, your pantry can be the last thing on your mind. While holding all of your favorite snacks and cooking supplies, it’s essential to keep this space tidy and easily accessible. You’ll want to utilize all of the space – yes, even the corners. Labeling will become your best friend, and with the help of professionals, your pantry will be organized in no time.

Create storage space for duplicate items

My Crazy Good Life, a healthy recipe company shares, “If you have duplicate items, try storing them in closed bins at the bottom of your pantry which keeps everything nice and tidy.”

Organize the pantry to be visually appealing

If your pantry is organized – preparing and cooking meals is easier. Not A Boring Box, a home storage and organization company recommends, “When it comes to organizing, it needs to be functional first and foremost, but you will want to make it as visually appealing as possible. Setting up a pantry is an overwhelming job but if you break it down then it is easier.”

  • Measure the space
  • Find out what jars and baskets will fit the space
  • Take everything out and group items into categories
  • Go through each pile, ditch anything that is past the use by date
  • If you have excess amounts of a certain item donate to a food bank
  • Organize the rest – keep the groups together

Spice Pantry

Put your individual spice jars into storage tins

Is your pantry full of individual little spice jars, half empty, past their sell-by date? Spice Pots, an Indian spice company, may have the answer with their 40g tins for retaining maximum freshness and flavor for cooking. “The Spice Pots Storage Tin is a super addition to any pantry, not only beautifully designed but the perfect size for storing spice pot tins neatly in the pantry. Using Spice Pots spice blends means that you don’t need to buy lots of different individual spices, and they can easily transform basic ingredients into easy dinner ideas.”

Group similar items together in the pantry

“Transparent bins, baskets, and jars work well to store things in categories,” says Low Carb Yum, a low-carb blog with gluten-free and keto recipes. “Storing items this way uses space efficiently, and you know exactly where to find each type of item.”

Organize products by their packaging

“When organizing products with brightly colored packaging, opt for a rainbow look to keep your pantry looking bright, fresh, and fun,” says Balanced Bites, a company that encourages healthy choices. “This also helps both adults and kids to find what they’re looking for, as most of us recall and look for a product by its packaging first.”

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Fridge organization tips from the experts

When you’re cleaning your kitchen, the fridge is usually overlooked. Organizing your fridge will help you reduce waste and bring your clean kitchen to the next level – and it’s easier than you think. By adding bins, you can tailor your fridge to your specific needs. Check out the best organization hacks that will make your fridge something to be excited about.

Put a bin in the fridge that’s designated for meat

Mama Shark, a company that helps guide mothers through everyday life, says, “To keep your fridge clean and organized while also staying on top of your meal prep, put a designated meat thawing bin in the fridge. It’ll contain any leaks or spills as the meat thaws and be a visual reminder of what meals need to be made next. I recommend picking a bin that is easy to wipe down, big enough to contain the meats you use most often, but small enough to fit in your sink so you can fill it with water when you need something to thaw quicker.

Place your food in bins with labels 

“Take a bit of time after you come home from the store and separate items into groups, placing them in plastic bins with labels,” says Brownble, an online vegan cooking class and course. “Cut up some veggies and place them in clear containers for grabbing on the go, have a container for quick snacks, and keep an “eat me first” bin and give it prime placement so nothing goes to waste. Finally, label your shelves as well so everyone knows where to put things back,”

Use a Lazy Susan for items that you use often but are usually pushed to the back and lost

Fabulessly Frugal, a company that empowers women to live a healthy lifestyle recommends using a Lazy Susan. “I do this with jelly because we have around six kinds, and of course, every kid wants something different. I also do this with pickles and olives. The lazy Susan also helps to catch any spills from the jars, so cleanup is way easier than cleaning up a whole shelf. Plus, it is easy to pull the whole thing out and set it on the table. For example, for breakfast when you have all the jelly out together, or for burger night with the ketchup, mustard, etc.”

Fridge with magnets

Schedule a quick refrigerator clean each time you shop

For busy bakers out there, deep cleaning the fridge might not be something you can get to as regularly as you would like. Instead, Build a Better Bakery, a resource for bakers at all levels, recommends “scheduling an extra 20 minutes before your weekly shopping trips to do a quick shelf wipe and toss session that will create a clean area for the new baking goodies you grab at the store. Grab a warm, wet cloth and start at the top of the shelving, clearing, and shifting items until you work through each area and are left with clean, new space for the next round of materials.”

Adjust your fridge shelves to maximize your storage space based on your needs

“This makes it so much easier to store and access items and frees up space for other essentials,” says Chelsweets, a dessert recipe company.

Place your baking goods in resealable freezer bags

“If you love to bake, then you most likely have a big variety of perishable ingredients. Nuts, seeds, flour, and grains all stay fresh longer when stored in the refrigerator,” shares Better Baker Club, a company that helps bakers build their home bakery business. “My favorite way to organize them is in quart-sized resealable freezer bags. Use the refrigerator door shelf for ingredient storage. Just stack them like books on a bookshelf and quickly access anything you need.”

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