Creating A Happy Home With Feng Shui

happy home feng shui

The areas that are incorporated with Feng Shui are built to have energy in mind. There is always energy around us that continues to circulate every minute of the day. You can do the same thing at your home. Incorporating the principles of Feng Shui can help you to have a healthy and happy home.


When you do this, expect the atmosphere to change. People come to visit will feel happier to be in your home and in your presence. When they are happy, you will be happy. If you were pessimistic before, your demeanor will change to the opposite. As long as you keep the exchange of positive energy flowing, you will be able to relish in type of environment.


Get familiar and form a connection with certain areas of your home. The more you are aware about what the areas are comprised of, the more success you will have of incorporating those areas with the principles of Feng Shui. Examine the areas of your home and determine which parts do not line up. Whatever doesn’t line up will eventually have a detrimental effect in your life. It will also cause you not to have as much energy in those areas.

Don’t overreact if your home or areas in it are not responding the way you would like them to. An example would be if you have a basement in your home that is in need of painting, don’t get upset because it hasn’t been painted. Create some Feng Shui instructions for yourself so that you can go ahead and get the work done. Don’t get angry or agitated as you compile them. Just think of it as something that has to be done. There will be time when you can let out your emotions, but don’t allow them to be a hindrance for your assignment.

Positive Energy

When you remove clutter from your home, you are able to provide positive and fresh energy. Your home will also be healthier as a result. Having clutter represents confusion and indecisiveness. Once the clutter is gone, you will have a sense of relief and whatever stress you had will be gone. This can also help you to have a healthier peace of mind.

With this, you will be able to transfer this to other areas of your life, including your relationships with family members and friends. Having positive relationships can provide you with more energy. People want to feel that someone cares about their well-being. Maintaining any kind of relationship takes work and it doesn’t happen overnight. There are some that are healthy, and others are just falling by the wayside.

In regards to your happy home, there are some ways that can add positive energy and help you keep your relationships fresh and positive:
  • Change the format of your furniture. If you have enough room, move it around to another angle or another wall. Don’t keep any furniture, such as a couch, bed, table or chairs in the same format every year. It starts to become monotonous. Moving your furniture around can help provide more energy in that area.
  • Whatever area of your house it is, focus on providing additional energy that is positive. You can do that by having fresh fruits, fresh flowers, or anything that is fresh and stands out.
  • Your bedrooms, bathrooms and closets should be clutter free. They should be areas that people wouldn’t mind looking at if you were showing your house to someone.
  • Having a television in your bedroom is not necessarily a good idea. It can be a distraction from your actual purpose.
  • Have pictures of you and your loved ones in a positive format.
  • Don’t crowd people and don’t allow them to crowd you. Everyone needs space and time for themselves.
  • Listen to music that is relaxing and soothes the soul. Certain types of music can provide great energy in the right environment.

Creating the right atmosphere, building familiarity, and removing barriers to the flowing of positive energy are essential to Feng Shui. Incorporating these principles will relieve stress and lead to a happy life and happy home.