Cranberry Cosmo & Rosemary Syrup Recipe (Christmas Cocktail)

Ho! Ho! Happy! This fruity Cranberry Cosmo recipe is handcrafted with cranberry-infused vodka, fresh lime, and homemade rosemary simple syrup. An easy-to-drink and colorful winter cocktail that will keep everyone’s spirits bright!

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pretty pink cosmopolitan cocktails

Why A Cranberry Cosmo With Rosemary Syrup Works

Undoubtedly, your handcrafted cosmopolitan cocktail will enchant your family and friends this holiday season! This Christmas cosmo recipe tastes like a sip of winter wonderland; walking is optional.

  • Quick & Easy: Only three ingredients are needed for a festive cranberry cosmo
  • Make Ahead: Infuse vodka with fresh cranberries for a week, and make your own rosemary simple syrup and you’re ready to serve, just shake, pour and sip.
  • Timeless: A classic Christmas cocktail to enjoy with your girlfriends.
  • Made For Easy Entertaining: Easy to make by the glass or the pitcher.


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