Cozy Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

white sofa with throw pillows

It didn’t take long for home décor industry pundits to sift through recent house sales data to announce evidence of the latest trend shifts. Relying on the insights from a nationwide cross-section of real estate agents, technology company Homelight supplied the NAR® with “7 Hot Trends” said to have resonated with recent buyers. In addition to the trends, a one-word style summary was also advanced.

For those planning on selling their own house in today’s market, a neutral observer might point out that seizing on the latest trend is largely unnecessary. If the home you plan to put on sale is in presentable condition, does not have a leaky roof or crumbling foundation, and whose ownership is not being claimed by title bandits, redecorating to match the latest trends won’t be required. If your asking price is reasonable, you stand an excellent chance to attract eager buyers anyway (probably many of them).

The leadoff item was “Earth-tone Colors with ‘Wow’”—a trend that champions familiar “earthy neutral” colors, but with the addition of a “wow” factor. On top of the comforting beige, greys, browns, and whites, accent with a few “Wow” colors: deep oranges, greens, and reds. If you note that these are anything but earthy neutrals, you’ve gotten to the bottom of the trend, which seems to be a campaign to wake up the sleepy neutrals (without going too far).

The next two trends are Natural Materials and Earthy Scents—two more of the comforting elements to go with the pre-Wow earth tone colors. The smell factor is an interesting addition that includes aromas like lavender, sandalwood, and myrrh, all of which can “make a home feel more welcoming.” Two others follow the same philosophical bent: “Sustainable Design Elements” and “House Plants Galore” easily fall in line with the other trends, possibly summarized as earthy-feeling décor touches.

Out there on their own are the remaining two trends, “Exposed Brickwork” and “Furniture with Curves.” They aren’t as earthy as the others, but they do more or less fall in with the wider unannounced pattern of seeming to harken back to—well—harkening back. The NAR’s headline-writer did a neat job of cutting to the chase with one word that summarized all seven trends into one style: “Ultra-cozy.” That seemed an especially inviting word recently in parts of the country that were being walloped by Winter Storm Landon.