Common Sound Problems with a Home Cinema

home theater sound problems

The home cinema will certainly keep you home more often. You can forget about those long ticket lines and sitting in a large crowd. However, there are some common problems that can be run into when you have a home cinema. Here is just one of them: sound quality. If you are experiencing poor sound quality, does this necessarily mean that the merchandise you bought has a defect? No, not all of the time.


The first thing you should do is check the speakers’ wiring to make sure they are properly connected at both ends. If that proves that nothing is wrong, then you may have a problem with the speaker or the amplifier.


The best way to determine the problem is to hook up the speakers to the stereo. If the sound comes out great, then you have a problem with the amplifier. If there is very little improvement, your problem is with the speakers.


Another reason that you may be having a sound problem is that the system is not compatible with the television that you have. This should have been checked out before you bought the system, but since the problem is there, you should have a professional take a look.


It just may be that your speakers are grounded. You cannot miss this problem because there is a hum coming out of your home cinema system. There are several reasons this can happen: ground loops, bad cables, improper grounding and faulty equipment that is caused by an electronic motor or a dimmer.

Poor wiring or speakers, grounding or even incompatibility are just a few of the problems you may run into which can affect the sound of the home cinema system. The minute you notice any problems, do not panic, but instead try to isolate the problem.