Can You Spot the Best Reason to Hire a Local Realtor®?

A (slightly tongue-in-cheek) Multiple choice quiz:
Select the BEST REASON WHY you should be sure to hire an experienced Realtor®:

  1. The best reason is because, using the web,
    a. —your printer might run out of ink before you can print out a list of today’s open houses
    b. —some current and upcoming homes for sale might not appear online
    c. —your screen might not perfectly reproduce the listing’s paint colors
  2. The best reason is because real estate language
    a. —has too many double negatives
    b. —is full of semi-arcane jargon and acronyms
    c. —makes some “s”s silent while pronouncing some “th”s as “z”s.
  3. The best reason is because, in formulating an effective offer,
    a. —do-it-yourself house-hunters may forget to include sales tax
    b. —Realtors specify deadlines that allow enough time for inspections and contingencies
    c. —real estate pros are able to give out pens with their phone numbers on them
  4. The best reason is because licensed Michigan real estate agents
    a. —know routes that avoid the slowest stoplights
    b. —must adhere to all Michigan state legal strictures
    c. —drive comfortable autos
  5. If you are selling your home, the best reason is because
    a. —they can give out pens with your phone number on them
    b. —they know how to devise and execute an effective marketing plan
    c. —they will suggest an inflated asking price so that you’ll give them your listing
  6. If you are buying, the best reason is because
    a. —they can convince you to ignore gaping defects
    b. —they can connect you with everyone locally: the best mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, etc.
    c. —they will answer your phone calls, sometimes
  7. In negotiations, the best reason is because
    a. —they know jokes that put everyone at ease
    b. —they bring negotiating chops that only experienced professionals develop
    c. —they employ a ‘prove me wrong’ demeanor

When you hire a true real estate professional like me for your buying or selling endeavor, you make the same decision that nine out of ten U.S. consumers do. Meantime, as you probably guessed, the ANSWERS to all seven questions are “b.”