Can Renting Out Your Pool Pay Your Mortgage? Plus, Our Spin on HGTV’s ‘The Laundry Guy’


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It’s summer and that means we’re all craving some pool time. With the current heat wave in the West, where temperatures are creeping up into the triple digits, jumping into a pool—any pool—sounds like heaven on earth. But what are those of us who don’t own a pool to do?

One solution is Swimply, the app that allows you to rent a pool in your area. We’ve been privy to Swimply for a few summers, but with so many lingering questions (Do the pool hosts have insurance? Are the pool hosts home while you’re taking a dip? Where do you go to the bathroom?), we were hesitant to take the plunge and rent a pool. This week, though, we welcomed Swimply co-founder and COO Asher Weinberger to “House Party” to answer all our questions and give us the scoop on how Swimply came to be, the impact it could have on homebuying, and some of the craziest uses for Swimply to date.

Other topics we discuss:

  • Iggy Azalea‘s hilarious (and petty) feud with her new suburban neighbors
  • “The Laundry Guy,” a new show on the Discovery+ streaming network, aims to answer all your burning laundry questions. We recap the first episode and offer our spin. (Sorry, we had to.)
  • And, as always, our celebrity real estate winner and loser of the week

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