Best (Un) Fried Ice Cream Recipe Without Frying

(Un) Fried Ice Cream – crunchy, cool, and creamy deliciousness of deep-fried ice cream without frying! No Fry fried ice cream is an easy take on a traditional fried ice cream recipe that will delight friends and family! A make-ahead frozen treat that’s perfect for parties.

You don’t have to find a  carnival or food truck, to enjoy fried ice cream! You can easily make this frozen treat yourself. You can make it using store-bought ice cream, or for a fun activity make your own homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe.

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a serving of fried ice cream recipe without frying


Fiesta Fun Family Night With (Un) Fried Ice Cream!

The oven-baked cinnamon cereal coating is a delectable, crunchy contrast to the velvety vanilla ice cream in (un) fried ice cream. Drizzle with your favorite ice cream topping, a dollop of whipped cream, and garnish with a cherry or fresh berries. Everyone will be enthralled when you serve a delicious dessert like this magical (un) fried ice cream!

Does this (un) fried ice cream recipe pull you back to the days of Chi-Chi’s, El Torito, or other Mexican restaurants when fried ice cream was a novelty? Many of us were first introduced and then mesmerized by this fantastical frozen delight after enjoying a variety of delicious Mexican-inspired dishes!

Writing about it makes me want to get in the kitchen and make this (un) fried ice cream recipe to pair with yummy chorizo dip, my time-saving Easy Chicken Enchiladas,  and a refreshing Paloma! (more…)

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