A Feng Shui Bedroom To Enhance Your Love Life

feng shui bedroom

In order to have a positive, intimate relationship with your mate, you need a good feng shui bedroom. Both of you will be able to spend time renewing yourselves, minus having to deal with a lot of unnecessary stuff.


Only one significant piece of furniture should be placed in your bedroom and that’s the bed. You have to have something to sleep on. Get something simple like a wood bed frame along with a natural mattress. The sheets that you sleep under should be made from cotton of the best quality or close. Try not to use items that run on electricity in the bedroom. Necessary items such as an alarm clock or a small lamp would be exceptions. However, you should avoid anything that can provoke a high electrical charge.


Part of the Yin culture includes sleeping. It is important that the bedroom is situated at the back of your home where there is minimal activity. If possible, the bedroom should not be anywhere the kitchen, bathroom, living room or children’s bedroom. Your bedroom should look warm and inviting. After all, it is where you share intimate and tender moments alone with each other.

You should be able to gain access to your bed from both sides. The bed should not be parallel with the bedroom door. To keep the flames going in your sex and love life, there should always be fresh energy in the bedroom. This can be implemented by using crystals, candles or essential oils. Doing these things will help your bedroom maintain a balance.

All of the doors that are connected to the bedroom should be closed. Whether it’s the entry door, closet door or inside bathroom door, none of them should be ajar. This will keep the energy flow inside of the bedroom. It will also enhance your relationship with your mate.

Other Suggestions

Keeping the bedroom with good Feng Shui will help to maintain a positive flow and sensual feelings of energy. A good Feng Shui bedroom should be filled with lots of love and passion. It should also be exciting and provide relaxation.

Don’t have stale air in your bedroom. Open the window and let in some fresh air, weather permitting. You should have fresh air flowing in your bedroom. In addition to removing the majority of electrical appliances, it is not advisable to have plants in the bedroom, either.

The lighting in the bedroom should be adjustable. The easiest way to do this is to install a dimmer switch. You will be able to adjust the lights to an appropriate level. You can also use candles, but purchase those that are toxin free.

Use colors that correspond with the Feng Shui method. The colors should create a balance for the bedroom. This way, you will be assured of a positive energy flow. This will help you go to sleep better. It will also help your sexual life as well. Some colors that would work well in the bedroom include whites and chocolate brown colors.

If you’re looking to add art to your bedroom, choose pieces that reflect how you look at your life and your future in a positive way. Refrain from using pieces that represent anything that is the opposite of that.

You want to have a bedroom that will be the symbol of pleasure, intimacy and love. Using the Feng Shui method can help you do just that.