8 Ways “Snow Days” Are the Worst for Real Estate Agents

Ahhh, there’s nothing like waking up when you’re a kid, peeking out the window and seeing snow on the ground, and finding out school’s cancelled! Unfortunately, once you’re an adult snow doesn’t necessarily buy you a day off—especially if you’re a real estate agent!

If you’ve got one of those “normal” jobs, you might have a cool enough boss who’ll close the office for the day, or vacation days you can use. However, while being an agent certainly has its perks, and the ability to work when and as much (or little) as you want, you often find yourself having to bundle up and get out there even when everyone else is home sledding, building a snowman, and sipping cocoa.

Here’s a peek at 8 ways “snow days” are the worst for real estate agents:

1) There’s almost always one buyer who doesn’t feel like there’s “that much snow” and calls to make sure you’re still on to show them a house that day.

How can you say no to such a motivated buyer?!

2) As much as you want to dress to impress, you can’t wear your most stylish shoes to the showing.

Meh, they’ll understand! But how far can you take the cozy (and warm) look?

3) A hat may be sensible, but you have to be prepared to keep it on, unless you’re confident enough to pull off the “hat head” look in front of your client.

It might make sense to bring your shovel with you, because…

4) A lot of times you have to trudge through an unshoveled walkway just to get to the house.

For what it’s worth, it counts as your cardio for the day, though. And, it’s actually better and safer than…

5) Leading your clients up an icy walkway to the house.

Walking on ice is no joke, but it beats…

6) Getting a key out of a lockbox that’s iced shut.

Sometimes it’d be helpful to have a flamethrower in the car along with that shovel, just to get the key out of the lockbox. But if and when you do get in the house, you have to make sure not to mess up the floors…

7) You gotta put on booties the minute you step inside.

Those things are a pain to put on in nice weather, but add in trying to slip them on over bulky boots and it’s a nightmare. But, it could be worse…

8) Showing a house where the owner turned off the heat.

Not only does it feel colder than it is outside and you can see your breath, but you gotta worry about discovering their pipes froze and burst, and deal with showing an indoor skating rink.

But hey, shoveling out and showing a house or two is all worth it in the end when they make an offer on their dream home, right?! After all, like they say, there’s no business like snow business! (Or something like that…)

Original Post – The Lighter Side of Real Estate