8 Most Affordable Kansas City Suburbs to Live In

Whether you want to call it by its nickname, “City of Fountains,” or just by its name, Kansas City, MO, is one of many great destinations to reside in the Midwest. From Kansas City BBQ and the Kansas City Zoo to its easy access to all Missouri and Kansas have to offer, it shouldn’t come as a surprise nearly 505,000 people are in the area. As more people move to this iconic Midwestern city, it’s important to keep in mind that the median home sale price is $242,500 and the average rent price of a 2-bedroom apartment in Kansas City is $1,427. 

If those prices are out of your budget, don’t worry. To help you find the right place to move, we’ve collected a list of the 8 best affordable Kansas City suburbs to check out. And they’re all less than 50 minutes away from the city. You’ll be close enough to explore all of Kansas City’s best activities, without paying the price of city life.

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#1: Claycomo

Median home price: $140,000
Driving distance from Kansas City: 15 minutes
Claycomo, MO homes for sale
Claycomo, MO apartments for rent

With a median home sale price nearly $100K less than Kansas City, Claycomo lands the number one spot on our list as the most affordable Kansas City suburb. About 1,600 people live in this suburban area and you’ll only be about 15 minutes away from downtown Kansas City. Living in Claycomo, you can spend time exploring Claycomo City Park or the nearby Worlds of Fun amusement park.

#2: Sugar Creek

Median home price: $180,000
Driving distance from Kansas City: 20 minutes
Sugar Creek, MO homes for sale
Sugar Creek, MO apartments for rent

Sugar Creek takes second place on our list. About 20 minutes from Kansas City, you’ll be exploring the National World War I Museum in just a quick drive. Some popular things to check out in Sugar Creek are visiting LaBenite Park. When living in this suburb of 3,500 people, you can also spend the day checking out Vaile Mansion, a Victorian home dating back to 1881. 

#3: Garden City

Median home price: $180,000
Driving distance from Kansas City: 50 minutes
Garden City, MO homes for sale
Garden City, MO apartments for rent

Claiming the third spot is Garden City. Just 50 minutes outside of Kansas City, you’ll find the home prices are much less expensive. Even with a population of about 1,700, there are plenty of cool things to check out in Garden City. If you find yourself moving to the third most affordable suburb, make sure to visit Garden City, City Park. 

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#4: Independence

Median home price: $200,000
Driving distance from Kansas City: 20 minutes
Independence, MO homes for sale
Independence, MO apartments for rent

Only slightly more expensive than Garden City is none other than Independence. With a population close to 116,000, there’s still plenty to do in this Kansas City suburb. Plan to spend the day at the National Frontier Trails Museum or Adventure Oasis Water Park for a great time. Don’t miss checking out George Owens Nature Park where you can find miles of trails, lakes, and rain gardens.

#5: Raytown

Median home price: $201,000
Driving distance from Kansas City: 15 minutes
Raytown, MO homes for sale
Raytown, MO apartments for rent

15 minutes away from downtown Kansas City is Raytown, another great suburb to consider moving to. With 29,000 residents, moving to this affordable suburb can keep you close enough to Kansas City, without paying the premium for a home there. Living in Raytown, you’ll find Sarah Colman-Livengood Park and the Raytown Historical Society & Museum. Don’t forget to stop by Extreme Grand Prix Indoor Family Fun Center once you move here.

#6: Grandview

Median home price: $205,000
Driving distance from Kansas City: 20 minutes
Grandview, MO homes for sale
Grandview, MO apartments for rent

Another well-known Kansas City suburb is Grandview, where the home prices are about $40K less than in Kansas City. Grandview has about 2,000 residents and is a great suburb to consider living in. From Meadowmere Park and John Anderson Park to favorite local restaurants, you’ll never tire of exploring this great suburb.

Kauffman center for performing arts in kansas city

#7: Edgerton

Median home price: $210,000
Driving distance from Kansas City: 40 minutes
Edgerton, MO homes for sale
Edgerton, MO apartments for rent

Next on our list of affordable Kansas City suburbs is Edgerton, which is only 40 minutes away from the heart of the city. With a population of roughly 650 people, you’ll be living in a smaller area, but there’s no shortage of things to experience in Edgerton. If you find yourself moving to this suburb, make sure to visit Edgerton Skate Park. 

#8: Gladstone

Median home price: $240,950
Driving distance from Kansas City: 15 minutes
Gladstone, MO homes for sale
Gladstone, MO apartments for rent

Last but not least on our list of most affordable Kansas City suburbs is Gladstone. About 28,000 people reside in Gladstone, so you’ll have a fraction of Kansas City’s population while remaining only 15 minutes from the city. Living in Gladstone, make sure to check out Hamilton Heights Park and explore the Atkins-Johnson Farm and Museum.


Affordability is based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Kansas City and under a 50-minute drive from downtown Kansas City. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during April 2022. Average rental data from Rent.com May 2022. Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau.

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