5 Reasons To Consider Minimalism For Your Home


Minimalism has reached peak popularity in the last few years. Unfortunately, for the uninformed, it evokes nothing more than images of barren walls and empty cabinets. For them, it is a movement of deprivation and nay-saying. This, however, is completely not the case. Especially amongst millennials, the trend of downsizing and choosing things and experiences mindfully has become a goal worth striving for. Instead of being an avenue of deprivation, minimalism provides them the freedom of choice. There are many reasons why you should consider this lifestyle.

Cut Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to work in a messy environment? There are a lot of things that can easily distract you, and you accomplish less than what you set out to do. A cluttered work area equals a cluttered mind.

Remove Distractions

Surround yourself with only the material possessions you need. Sometimes, having less allows you to do more. Fewer things equal less waste. People have the tendency to throw away their stuff, realize that they need them, then repurchase the same thing. How wasteful! If you have less, you throw away less. Not only would this lifestyle change benefit your finances, but also taking on minimalism means that you are not adding waste to saturated landfills and polluted waterways.

Save Time

Think about it, if your home contains less than 100 items – appliances, clothes, furniture, etc. combined, it would be easier for you to know where everything is. You would no longer waste time rummaging through every inch of clutter trying to figure out where you placed your keys. Minimalism allows you to have more time to spend on the things that you love to do.

Save Money

There are better uses for the money you save from not buying things you don’t need. You can grow it by investing in stocks, or you can opt to donate it to a charity you believe in. Either way, your money is being spent on a better cause than buying one more thing you would eventually throw away.

Greater Sense of Self

Many people feel a high from buying things. This high is fleeting; leading some to chase the sensation further with even more shopping. When you embrace minimalism, you do not put much value on material things and this lets you focus on yourself – working to become the person you want to be.