4 Tiny Kitchen DIYs For More Organization

tiny kitchen DIYs

Decorating your small kitchen with the most functional furniture and appliances is always a good idea especially if you are limited to a tiny space. In order for the area to feel less claustrophobic, opting for fixtures and furnishings that have multiple uses should be your first option. Trying to outfit an entire kitchen can cost you a pretty penny to buy everything at once. These fixtures are tailor made for small spaces and most of the time they are more expensive than conventional options. Need a more organized and functional kitchen? Have a limited workable budget for your kitchen project? Worried about the limited space you are working with? Don’t worry! The tiny kitchen DIYs below will help you organize your meal prep area without breaking the bank.

Sleek and Modern – Magnetic Spice Rack

A wide array of spices is necessary in order to make a delicious and flavorful dish. It is always a good idea to stock up on different types of spices since they truly can make a meal better. However, the pain comes when you’re having to deal with all the bottles and packets they come in.
To solve this problem, why not make your very own magnetic spice rack! This video will show you step by step instructions on how to keep your spice collection in order.

Fraction of the Cost – Repurposed Tray Rack

In contrast, a DIY project is as easy as using a tool for a different purpose. For instance, the file organizers that you see in various office supply stores can be used in your tiny kitchen as a tray rack. You can keep your cookie sheets, cutting boards and baking pans where you can see them with this fun DIY project! Check out this example that can help you make your own today.

Baskets Are Your Best Friend

It can be tricky to cook if you don’t know where everything is placed. You waste time figuring out where your ingredients for the recipe are stored.
To avoid this, try putting the same types of spices together and then store them in a basket. Don’t forget to appropriately label them and save yourself a lot of time!

pantry baskets

Use a Peg Board & Hang it Up

A tiny kitchen requires smart use of the space available. Instead of looking to your side, why not look up. Install a peg board in one of your walls, and hang up those pots and pans! You can see what it looks like here.

As you can see organizing your kitchen doesn’t take much time or effort – just a little bit of creativity. Above all, you’ll have an amazing and functional kitchen if you follow just one of these DIY projects or ideas.