4 Easy DIY Backyard Games For The Whole Family!

Summer is a time to kickback and unwind, especially once the kiddos are done with school. And if you’re like me, finding ideas to keep everyone entertained without taking up a bunch of space or resorting to binge-watching TV is always a challenge. (Oh, and I also don’t like to spend a ton of money.) This year, I put my thinking cap on and headed off to my local dollar store for supplies — because instead of my usual home-centric projects, I was on a mission to make some easy DIY backyard games! Here’s what I came up with:

gray wood crate to the left with 6 small bottles to the right, frisbees in their plastic wrap, yellow foam dice in individual wrap



  1. (5) small sparkling grape bottles
  2. Twine/Rope
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Ball (for this one I used a large tennis ball from the pet section, but any small ball will do)
hand holding green bottle, hot glue gun adding a bead of glue and twine attached to bottle

My girls love sparking grape juice and they were more than willing to help me empty the bottles for this project. I gave the bottles a quick rinse and set them to dry. Then, starting from the bottom of each bottle, I used hot glue to secure the twine as I wrapped it around the bottle all the way to the top. (This is to prevent the bottle from breaking when knocked over.) TADA! That’s it! No, seriously….it’s that quick and easy. Amazing, right?

Set up the bottles in a pyramid and roll the ball to see who can get a strike!



  1. Bottles from the yard bowling game
  2. Plastic shower rings
DIY backyard games

Set the bottles up like you would for the yard bowling and toss the shower rings to see who can get the most. Make it more challenging by moving the bottles around to different configurations.  



  1. (6) Foam dice (look in your dollar store’s educational section)
  2. (1) bowl or bucket (look in the summer entertaining section)
  3. Permanent marker

Mark the dice using the permanent marker just like a standard die. That’s it!

Place all 6 dice into the bowl and roll onto the lawn just like you would in the popular dice game. You can also use the same score cards if you already have the board game, or you can find the score card online. 
DIY backyard games



  1. (4) Frisbees
  2. (3) sponges
  3. Permanent marker
DIY backyard games

Mark the underside of the frisbees with the permanent marker; I used numbers 10, 20, 30, and 40. Line them up in a straight line and, using the sponges, toss them to see who can get the highest score. You can also soak the sponges if they’re too light.

HINT: If you soak them in a bucket of ice water, it’s also a great way to cool off on a hot day! As an added bonus, you can also toss the frisbees to see who can toss the furthest. 

One of my favorite things about this easy DIY backyard games set is that it all fits inside of a wooden crate, so it doesn’t take up much room when storing. If you use a similar crate or a child’s storage bench, this still leaves plenty of room if you want to add any other additional fun summer time items like sidewalk chalk or bubbles.

It’s also perfect to transport and can mix and match with other toys (for example, if you’ve got small round trashcans, you can turn the frisbees into a Kan-Jam game!). It could also make for a cute gift to a kid who has a summer birthday (who wouldn’t want a literal crate full of fun???). And even if it gets too hot outside, or it’s too rainy, you can take these games inside for fun (but I’d keep the sponges dry in that case!).

DIY backyard games

But the best part? This doesn’t cost a whole lot of money, especially if you already have some of the items on hand. Hours of fun for the whole family without breaking the bank? Now that’s definitely an easy DIY!

Need More DIY Inspiration?

I hope you have fun creating your own DIY backyard game set for your family. For more backyard-inspired DIY projects, check out this DIY round up of some of my favorites, and be sure to check the Homes.com blog for upcoming articles. Have a project you’d like a tutorial on? Drop it in the comments section below!