4 Easy Decor Hacks You Can Do Today

Four easy and quick ways to add unique decor around the house.

Decorating your home should be fun and affordable! It’s easy to get in a rut though, especially if you don’t change up your decor often.  

These are super simple decorative touches I’ve added to our home that are easy to implement and don’t cost much at all!

Tip one: Put it under glass

I like to add a bit of interest to faux greenery by putting it under glass:

Ferns under glass cloches

Those cloches are from IKEA and I just took a few fern sprigs off of a bundle I have. I love the look of them under the glass!

Sometimes little faux plants can look a little wimpy on their own, and adding the glass makes them feel a bit more substantial, but not busy. 

I had a big fake succulent I loved for my green office bookcases, but it needed a little something. A large glass cloche made for a pretty display: 
Easy decor -- faux plants under glass

The glass gives it weight without it feeling visually heavy…love it!

Tip two: Add knobs where there aren’t any

We have a few furniture pieces in our home that I love, but they are so affordable and versatile, a LOT of other people love them too. 😉 I see them all over social media and on blogs.

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Adding hardware is an inexpensive way to make them look just a bit different, and it’s super easy to do (check out this simple tool I use to make installing hardware even easier!):

Four fun and easy decorating tips

It’s not a huge thing, but it adds a bit of a custom touch to a very popular furniture piece. 🙂

This long wood console table seems to be in every blogger’s home (it really is a great table!), but the cute label handles change it up just a bit so it doesn’t look just like the rest: 
Adding hardware to furniture

And of course, just changing out the existing knobs on a piece of furniture can make a big difference! 

There are so many options — they truly are like “jewelry”: 

Where to find the best selection of knobs and hardware

Tip three: Knobs aren’t just for furniture

I blogged about this years ago, but it’s such a great little detail, it’s worth mentioning again! I like to use knobs as hangers as well:

Hang art with knobs instead of nail

Instead of nail or hook, they add a pretty detail that I love!

Sometimes I’ll hang the actual item and then use the knob so it looks like it’s hanging from it (this mirror is hung from the back, then I used the knob for the rope): 

Wall of DIY bookcases in office

This just makes it extra stable, and keeps the item from hanging away from the wall and moving around.

It’s such a fun little detail! This is our son’s old room, but these “FLY” knobs are hanging in his new bedroom too: 

Hang frames with knobs
teen boy desk bedroom

Tip four: Fill your frames with something different

When it comes to filling frames, you can do photos of course…but there are SO many pretty options that turn your frames into art!

I used leftover wallpaper for these frames:

Wallpaper in frames

You can use anything! There is some beautiful wrapping paper out there that would look awesome framed. Fabric looks great in a frame too. 

I used scrapbook paper years ago for this big gallery wall: 

Scrapbook paper gallery wall

It’s SO easy and you’ll get super inexpensive seasonal art of them: 

Using gift bags as art

So fun and SO cheap! The dollar store is a GREAT place to get inexpensive bags for this art. Love it! 

These all little details that don’t take a lot of DIY knowledge and they are quick to implement around the house! Hopefully they gave you some ideas for your home! Have you tried any of these?

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